Thursday, January 31, 2013

SAGs best dressed (and Lincoln eye candy ;)

*Disclaimer *
I’m super swamped with work today since yesterday our dearest president declared an unscheduled public holiday. (Hoot hoot!) Which was a blast! I got to go out for poetry in session at Fas Fas which I almost miss 'cause of having work the next day. Anyway, now I'm paying for the day off, I'm basically doing double work today. Barely a spare second to blog. So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.

As usual with award shows, once I start recapping red carpet fashion I can never stop so narrowed it down to my best dressed. (Y’all know who my worst dressed was *ahem, Kaley, ahem* ) Sue Sylvester just blew everyone else out the park for me. This is not necessarily the best dress mind, but its who unexpectedly looked best in what she wore. Like better than they've ever looked ever! EVER!

Black, Gold, Leather, Studs, Hoops!!! Girlfriend is over 50 but she wore the hell outta this! *Swoon*

I’ve never seen Jane Lynch look this pretty! Her hair is the best I’ve seen it in ages! Also that makeup artist needs a raise! That work is practically doctor 90210! Clearly marriage agrees with her. Wow!

Now to make up for the brief post, I leave you with Lincoln’s DDL

Rwooor! I love how the fact that his nose is off centre makes him look handsomer! Or maybe that's just cuz I'm smitten and he can do no wrong! I'd be the Mary to his Abe any day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nail Art at the SAGs

First things first, I’m a big fan. Scratch that, I’m a huuuuuge fan of nail art. Probably the hugest! I can barely do a normal mani these days and given that most nail art is thematic, that means nearly every other day I’m using ethanol loaded remover on my nails.

My favourites were the galaxy and leopard print but the removal process is a bitch!

Now I haven’t googled yet whether this has any adverse effect but I’m beginning to suspect so cuz my nails have become so brittle! They literally tear off instead of breaking! Never thought I’d ever long for a broken nail. It’s that alarming. So to spare my little pretties further havoc and give them time to recover, I’m taking a break from the fun crazy designs and being varnish free for 21 days (I started a week back and keeping off until 9th Feb. when I have this wedding reception where I have to kill it! Hope by then I’ll have a camera to capture all the gorge fashion). Anyway, in the joyless interval of having ordinary nails, I’m living vicariously through a few silver and big screen stars and so without further ado * drumroll * presenting, nail art at the Screen Actors Guild awards. Who nailed it (you know I can’t resist puns) and who should get their Asian manicurist deported? Lets get to it!

Red or Black? Who is the queen of hearts?

I grouped these two lovely sweethearts Kelly and Kaley cuz they both went for a heart design. But while Kelly with metallic black hearts on the tips, Kaley went the other direction. I don't know if she's in the Valentine's mood early but pink hearts on red nails and a red tea length dress with match red shoes??? It's overkill isn't it? And her makeup was so unsuitable, it added 5 years to her! Now I'm not hating, I love Penny in TBBT but Kelly O won this hands down!

Then we have the pregnant belles (kinda - Anne is still just a rumour)

Busy looks as gorge as a preggers lady can hope to look and her bedazzled on beige is great but I'll take Anne's black lace butterflies on white! She looks divine! Love the head suit too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

57th Inaugural Ball

You guys, I’m the worst kind of blogger. The procrastinating type. Once I start writing I can go on and on. The trouble is getting started. I've been online for like 3 hours blog trawling before buckling down to write this! On the plus side, this is how I get to know the good stuff. But I’m not going down the no-new-post-in-months road again, I’m going to start scheduling posts if I'm on a roll (like a rainy day stash for when my lazy gets the best of me) which apparently every tech savvy blogger days but I never did. So lovely beautiful clever reader, be assured of AT LEAST 2 posts a week! With that off my chest, lets proceed to my two cents about the Inaugural ball.

1. The First Daughters
I love these girls! And I know little more than just their names (and twitter accounts which I only started following yesterday after Ellen – who I follow – cc’d them on a twitpic of the three of them) Anyway, my imagination fills in the blanks: to me they are like Sam and Lucy from Meg Cabot’s All American Girl. If Sam was African American that is, and lived in the White House instead of merely dating the first son. Obvi Sasha is Sam. I think she’s the quirky playful one. I mean look at her expressions in these pics!!! Amrite or am I right? She’s a hoot! 

She's so genuine and this makes me love Michelle! Mrs O is superwoman!

The yawn that went viral

Malia, all statuesque and older and so much of her mother is naturally like popular cheerleader Lucy. *sidebar* But you guys, let’s be honest for a moment here, isn’t Malia the personification of perfection? It's like her parents got the most lauded genetic engineer who ever lived to devote his entire life to identifying and harnessing the best aspects of Mr & Mrs O, figure out the right measure of said aspects that was necessary for one not to overpower the other (although I think Michelle won a bit here) and came up with the magical formula to make Malia. Forget Suri’s scientology lab/alien parentage conspiracy theories, I think the child we should all be studying is Malia <_< (I kid, I kid! At least I'm not as bad as these guys with what seems like POTUS & FLOTUS erotic fan fix novel in the works! Seriously!)

She looks/acts older than her 14 years!

Ok, now she's acting her age but in a Tyra Bank's random-acts-of-modelling way

2. Michelle
What can I say that the other 699347 katrillion opinionated internet users haven’t said already? Well, I hope in the event that I have my babies in my forties (I think that’s when I’ll be a selfless grownup ready to look after another) that hula hoop sessions will be enough to get me into this shape. Also, yay the bangs!

You Michelle, pout and adorable kids and all, are my everything!

3. VP JB
This guy confuses me! Consider me firmly straddling that fence between thinking he’s the hottest politician this side of 60 and that he needs to live a sedentary life already before his dentures fall out mid speech one of these days. I have two friends who don’t have any such qualms which group they fall in. Although they're on different teams incidentally. One thinks Clinton is the hottest grandfather figure she ever had immoral thoughts about, while another thinks JB is as silver foxish as they come! I present the evidence, be the judge and jury.

I conclude that it depends on the lighting, backdrop and camera lens!

4. Everyone/Everything else
What on earth is going on with this SS lady’s uniform?!? Is she a nun who moonlights as an agent? I know for a fact they don’t all dress this way! Seriously, doesn’t this hinder swift movement in time of danger? Or is it made of bullet proof cloth that the 1st pet Boo can hide underneath and be swished away to safety?

Madam, what storeth you under yonder tent skirt?
(Or is it the gown version of the SS uniform ???)

This is a Hawaiian greeting apparently. 

I'm like Kanye were Bey is concerned, so what if she lip-synced??? She did the best lip-sync of all time.  ALL TIME!
Also, Mrs.Robinson looks gorge in Peaches n' Cream
*Bonus GIF 
I had to show you Malia photo bombing  Sasha as she attempted to take a kiss pic of Michelle and that lucky guy who had the sense to marry her.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Featured Designer: Martha Jabo

I'd never heard of Martha Jabo here til I opened the papers today, and upon seeing a selection of the designs she showcased at Swahili fashion Week in Dar December 2012, I immediately wanted to know/see more. These weren’t jawdroppingly awesome mind you, but they were fresh enough to make me hit Google a few seconds after reading the article instead of just flipping the page and forgetting her. And I’m glad I did. Otherwise this post wouldn't have to come to be.

Why she was wearing that fugly pounds adding jumpsuit when she had all those beautiful items to her left to chose from I shall never know

24year old Martha is a fresh graduate of MUK’s Arts and Applied Design who’s been actively pursuing fashion design for a year now. No modest ambition for Martha here, she wants to target the High end market and plans to launch her official line, Jabo Designs this May.

Enough about the designer, on to the designs. These were my favorite pieces, I’m so into chiffon right now and also love them cuz the African print doesn’t seem so glaring in your face African print. You can substitute any other bold print here and get same amazeballs result.

These on the other hand… I get the asymmetrically - it's on trend, it edgies up the collection, its too cool for school I-can't-be-bothered-to-colour-within-the-lines kinda thing and all - but I don’t like it. Boo hoo!

I just have one bone to pick with her (and almost every other up and coming African designer – why must all items of the collection have African print? Do you worry we won't take you as a genuine African designer if the prints are missing? God knows Africa produces other fabrics other than Batik, Tie & Dye, Maasai and Kikoi. We won't judge if you eschew the African prints (I won't at least. In fact I'll applaud!) , a good design is a good design! Take Kunda for example, great designs, but because they have such high fashion silhouettes and are in print, they lose the originality, I feel like it’s the less privileged cousin of Gwen Stefani’s 2011 collection. )

See what I mean? Every single piece had "African Print" on it! EVERY!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Minefield of Ex Gifting

So one of the few ex boyfriends of mine that I actually stayed friends with called me up last week and invited me to his graduation party. I of course graciously and nonchalantly accepted. I never say no to a party. After the flurry of phone calls to my girls to ascertain that they are up for some impromptu gatecrashing, (also I need backup in case the ex gets high and decides to shame me for my old ways *side bar* this guy broke up with me by conference calling me with his friend I was two-timing and putting the call on loudspeaker. After my non-apologetic “whatever you decide” they played for me BeyoncĂ©’s Irreplaceable! And to make sure I’d gotten the message loud and clear, after I’d hang up he texted “to the left, girl!” So yeah, I need back up. But I digress. )

After getting my girls on board I now had to figure out what gift is suitable for him. And I kid you not, this has occupied my entire weekend and 2 hours of browsing Aristoc shelves today! Its like the most complex puzzle ever! What to get him that isn’t too generic (that it seems I didn’t put in any thought) but not too personal that it comes off overthought (and as if I’ve never gotten over him and my dearest hope is a second chance). Something not too expensive to leave me broke for the rest of the month that I resent him ever inviting me, but not too cheap either that he’s insulted.

Now my go-to gift for every (and I mean every – birthdays, farewells, Christmas, valentines, random) occasion is a book. But looks like that won’t cut it this time since I haven’t been tight with ex of late I dunno which books he’s read and couldn’t ask cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise…
Anyway, after a weekend of deep thought I’ve narrowed it down to these choices (reasons for and against in brackets)

What to leave, and what to take? Maybe I should gift a card with the link to this blog post and the inscription "It's the though that counts?

1* Board game – Scrabble or Monopoly. (I figure after all those years in med school he needs some down time to play, right? Except party is tomorrow and I failed to find the games yet. The affordable versions I mean, Aristoc’s scrabble is UGX 150,000. I mean. Come on!)

2*Crossword puzzle Book (He loves crosswords! So yay! We used to always do the Sunday paper’s crossword on the beach after church. Too personal? So nay!)

3* A book (My favorite novels from last year were ‘Room’, ‘The Shack’, and ‘The Glass Castle.’ I have no idea if he’s read any of them. The 2013 ‘Our Daily Bread’ seemed tempting but I don’t know if he’s still that into church and stuff. I loved Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ but the pricetag made me curse under my breath and send glowering looks to the Aristoc dude patrolling the aisles. So, this thought is on hold for now.)

4* A Wallet (because Google says so. And Google never lets me down you guys. But all the nice ones that I wouldn’t cringe being associated with are damn pricey and its January and he’s and ex and… I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture, yeah?)

5* Jigsaw puzzle (I am so so tempted to go with this option! I assume if you like crossword puzzles you must be on board with jigsaws too, right? I’m right. Oh God please don’t let me be wrong.)

So guys hope I figure it out in time. And wish me luck that no shady shenanigans go down!
Fortunately I have my outfit all planned out! But that's for another day!
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