Thursday, February 28, 2013

Biker Chic

Lets all start off this post by moaning the fact that I have THE WORST camera in the history of blogsville! All the wide scope pics showing the entire outfit are blurry and the near ones I swear are so clear I wanted to cry! It has to be the camera's fault because I had a great photographer!  But anyway, at least we got a few usable shots.

There was this huge monster bike parked at Legends that was just the perfect prop for this post but what-can-I-say, I need to start saving for a good cam...
Was out Saturday with a couple of groups of friends, first bunch we linked up at Sylvia Owori's Garden City boutique because I was naively under the impression that her end of the month Late Night Shopping gig still entailed a fashion show and I was ready to finally give this Front Row girl in me her moment to shine! Instead they were having a twitter party! Seriously, whichever PR person came up with this needs to revisit their research. Underwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it!
Also I feel her place got smaller? And the stock...I dunno you guys, is she still allowed to put 150,000UGX price tags on repurposed jeans??? Feels kinda delusional but then again I'm clearly not her target market, I can DIY most of this stuff from downtown finds...just saying. Bad Black and her posse on the other hand woulda had a field day.

Dress- Forever 21, Jacket - Gift, Earrings - Gaza Land, Rings - some Chinese shop opposite Mutaasa Kafeero plaza

I'm working on my impulse shopping ways but some finds are too good that you just can't leave them behind! Had gone to the shop to buy my mum jewellery for a Kwanjula, you know - the big showy kind. But obvi I browsed every shelf in the place and the minute I saw this double finger ring I just had to have it! And the great thing about this place is the more stuff you buy the higher the discount you get (these Chinese know their business, I tell you) so I didn't even exceed my budget that day :) 

This cross body bag looks so legit, right? All red leather and gold clasps! bet you wouldn't believe it cost me about $2 at a flea market in Entebbe

I love these boots! This pic does not even begin to do them justice but I had to use it cuz my legs look gorge! I wear them with EVERYTHING. Will feature them in another outfit post real soon!

After the waste of time that was Owori's Twitter party we grabbed a bite a Mokka Terrace (couldn't dare take pics with this impersonator of a cam) then went separate ways for the night. Me to Legends on the other side of town to link up with bunch 2 'cause I'd told them the Owori thing wasn't worth coming for. Luckily I had to dressed right for all this journeying considering after D dropped me off to join his friends at Bubbles, I was to fend for myself til home time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Tweets while watching E!'s Academy Awards Red Carpet

*I actually didn't tweet these, spent the entire night leading up to the awards reading about how the stars prep for the Red Carpet (will post some links of this on Friday) that I had finished my bundle by the time E!'s cameras started rolling! Ugh. I still composed the tweets as I watched and figured since they never saw the light of Twitter day, why not live on here right?*

  • Octavia Spencer looks gooooood. Why doesn't Adele's stylist have a word with her stylist
  • Zoe saldana is around for “Words” and killing it! Her dress is nominee-worthy!
This girl. knows. her. gowns!

  • Sally Fields hates talking on the phone like I do. Texting wins everyone. Especially if you're texting DDL as Abraham Lincoln. 
  • Jhud’s hair looks so wiggy! Oh, had forgotten she's a past Oscar winner! Something Bey would never forget. Of course now she’d never be able to pull off Efie!
  • Jlaw couldn’t reach the mani cam cuz of the structuring of her Dior haute couture gown.
Apparently People Mag correctly predicted that JLaw would wear this exact Dior, go big or go home! And this was huge! Even when she reached over to hug KStew there was like over a foot between them! I liked her Vanity Fair after party dress better but its probably too "simple" to accept the award in.
     *   I feel like I've seen Kelly O’s dress before...on her.
  • The difference between Amanda Seyfried’s body now and back when she did Mean Girls offers the best proof of the transformative power of Fame & Fortune! 
  • As always, Kerry Washington's lips distracted me from everything else. There's just something about them! They're like Mary. There's something about Kerry's lips. Also have I seen her gown before?

* La Seacrest really is the best in the game! But why isn't Guiliana on the RC too??? At least         manning the Mani Cam.
  • I think we can all agree that Chris Tucker wins the award for best chosen return to the big screen.
  • Zeta Jones always looks the same! Which is flawless. And it doesn't hurt when she accessories with that silver fox of a hubs.

* Helen Hunt is wearing H&M, clearly she knows her chances of winning are less Jlo joining a convent.
  • Oh Lord, Charlize is killing that pixie cut! What secret sorcery is this?! This woman is like the sun, everyone around her just faded away!
  • JChas looks amazing, that sheath was obviously custom made just for her. Best dressed for me for sure.
I couldn't find a pic of the back or what she changed into but she nailed the Old Hollywood Glam she was going for!

*Haven’t really seen Hathaway’s dress well yet but it looked a bit meh for me?  It is meh! And the darts at the breasts make it look like her nipples are gonna stab you!

I wanted to show you guys this nippletastic Prada from all angles and stances: hands on hips =nipples, hands at sides =nipples, from the guessed it = nipples! and then she goes and highlights them with that finger gesture in the second pic *smdh*. At the after party she changed into Saint Laurent that was basically the same silhouette but with fewer nipple darts.
I found a quote that summed up what we all kinda hope she was thinking “I dreamed a dream in times gone by, when nips were shy, and did my bidding. Then Prada traced my aureolae; I dreamed that blogs would be forgiving.” -Heather @fuggirls
  • Also I wouldn’t put on a necklace with that neckline.
  • Apparently she chose it 3 hours before rocking up on the RC? I’m beginning to understand all the Hathaway hate now you guys.
  • Naomi Watts went for the interesting look, finally someone gets it. Everyone else has been a disappointment for me thus far. Armani Prive for the win!
Naomi kept up the metallic theme for the after party while Amanda kept her choker and went for red. But her bod you guys, it's like they took her Mean Girls head and planted in on someone else! Bodysculpting is a real thing I guess, so  I'm adding kickboxing to my 30mins yoga routine.

  • Charlize is in Dior couture, I wish JLaw had gone for this in like a colour. Even gold would do. She looks so good. And towers ever so high over Seacrest.

Confession: Once upon a time long gone, I really didn't get all the fuss over her looks! Looking at the evidence before my yes I wonder what mind-altering drugs I was on back then!

  • Guiliana's hair and makeup is on point! She's in black again. It's like there are just 5 colours on the red carpet, white, nude, red, black and a variation of metallics.
These were the few few colours on the RC, I didn't even see any of them arriving or talking to secret except Kerry.

* So funny how only Guiliana and Kelly have the bedazzled mikes. I bet Kimora threw a mini fit before going on or did an eye roll at the very least.
  • Ok, now they're showing just Guiliana's huge table so I'm heading to bed.
I actually didn't see any of these guys on the Red Carpet but Nina and Halle look good! On the other foot, we have Jim Carrey being bigfoot??? and Sookie wearing the least flattering gown ever, even Adele wouldn't touch this even if it were black! 

There end my tweets. I guess you've all seen the awards by now but you know no post of mine about an event Solange attended is complete without her so...let this brighten up your week guys. xoxo

Kruger's shoes are on my to-buy list if I win the lottery or marry Pacey or something...

And if I had a second choice of who to marry if Solange turned me down, it would be Joshua Jackson. Seriously I spend long nights figuring out which of his three most famous personas I love the most, the man himself, Peter Bishop, or Pacey Witter??? 

The rest I'll get back to you after watching the actual Awards and not just the RC. But I know JLaw tripped and fell so here's a goodbye GIF!

**Edited to add:
Apparently according to Yahoo, Hathaway ditched Valentino last minute because when she asked Seyfried to  IM her what she was wearing it turned out to be so very similar to her choice!
I'm giving this serious side eye, never before have I heard of Valentino and McQueen being grouped as similar. Who asks their co-star to send them a pic of what they're wearing the night before yet they had all those days after the nominations to get it out of the way? Isn't it the stylists' job to avoid these sartorial nightmares anyway? And lastly Anne, why only ask Seyfried? Is there a history of you guys wearing similar gowns that the internet ignored to document? Serious side eye I tell you. <_< (in other news, that smiley, previously used by yours truly to mean side eye could very well be a representation of the bodice of her Prada gown.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the web in nifty ways

I have had the busiest week! And then my internet went AWOL. I just couldn't catch a break. Which is why I haven't posted in a while. And why when I finally got online I went trigger happy with the tabs. Catching up on my reading...
I know I always try to incorporate my sources in my blog posts but sometimes (like today) I'm too busy reading (seriously, I have like 3 windows open and 10 tabs running in each!) that I run outta time to write an entire post so I’m introducing a new post category; around the web in nifty ways! Which in case you want it spelled out will be a compilation of sites that give me convo topics over cocktails with friends (or strangers. These are the best J)  I just needed it to be catchy so made a word play on Jules Vernes. I had originally settled on "around the web in 8 links" before giving up on finding a synonym for link that is phonetically harmonious with day. So we're stuck with this.

Speaking of Jules Verne, I fancy myself a Vernian. I mean, I obviously haven’t studied him or anything and sometimes get his Captain Nemo with the one from LXG mixed, but you gotta admit that in retrospect theres a lot more fact than fiction in his work. And he couldn’t have known! Unless he had a time machine! Which just proves my point!

  • Lets kick this off with some fashion insights. Do you know who Thom Browne is? Well, Michelle Obama does so get with the program.
  • I met this guy through a mutual friend, (and by met I mean we became Facebook friends because I liked his comments on her TL, he just seemed like my kinda guy) and since then he continues to blow my mind with his writing and acting. The concept of one man plays is always hard to execute right? He makes it seem easy
  • And in case you already read the Man Repeller but missed this gem about the Do's and Don'ts of texting while single , you're welcome
  • Still on the subject of the Man Repeller posts you probably missed but totally need to read, there's one about Lena Dunham. Need I say more?
  • I have started this challenge but I just know Rory Gilmore would be disappointed with my progress
  • I conclude this first instalment of around the web in nifty ways with the best DIY blog I know.

This is a page from Woody Allen's The Whore of Mensa. Now I wanna read it so bad. Also I wish doing what that girl did was a legit career path.

And if you're into film and architecture like yours truly, this one is for you. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Obligatory Grammys 2013 Fashion Post

Perfection, thy name is Solange.

If you think I'm going to do a best dressed post about an event Solange attended and she doesn’t come out tops you obviously don’t know her sartorial epicness, or you probably doubt the depths of my girlcrush on her! It is fathomless...Without fathom, to quote Megamind. Why do you think I put off the post until I could get a better pic of the dress than this? (And had actually watched the show for myself instead of vicarious through twitter)

Whatever was going on with her face in this pic, you can't deny she nail the natural make up look!

Homegirl delivered in a sparkly green Ralph & Russo couture gown. Other stars' stylists shoulda been taking notes. Hey Katy Perry, this is how you do green. Though Florence Welch wasn’t too bad either.

Jlo, girlfriend, this is how they leg bomb! Not that legless dress which I thought was half bodysuit and therefore spent a shameful amount of seconds thinking how your bathroom breaks would go! (Settled on Amanda in Ugly Betty method while stuck in the latex tube, right?) 

Doesn’t hurt that Solange paired that gorgeous gown with a wildass curly Fro (whoever was sitting behind her must have hated her guts!!! Hehe!) and red hot studded Loubs. If all my years as a green loving faux redhead have taught me anything, its that you can't go wrong with that combo.

*Side bar* I saw a pic of model Jourdan Dunn out partying with Rihanna this weekend in a similar pair and she looked like she had borrowed hers? She just wasn't standing/walking right in any of the pics! 

Right? Something is a little off. She looks like they pinch.

Solange had a busy last week  and yet nailed it every time! (Although that pant less white ensemble is responsible for a long debate I had with myself...I'll spare you the details, just know the pros list was longer)

She glows, doesn’t she? Marry me Solange and let's give Jules some adorbs siblings

Honorable mention. 

Kudos to Adele for not wearing black for once. I'm sure we were all thinking whats up with that!?! Sting representing for the silver foxes. This is for my friend who can’t get enough of them, you know who you are! JA
*Slow clap for Kelly* Now this is how you say "up yours" to nonsensical memos. I was watching the red carpet with a guy friend and he had to remark how they must have sawn the dress on her body because there was no room for error, any slight movement offcenter and CBS cops (or whoever they had in place to reinforce the rules)would swoop in with scarves and jackets and cover her up!

Worst dressed? There's always one, isn't there? Even if she adhered to the memo, Lisa D’Amato missed the boat by a mile!!! What is she even wearing? A milkmaid crossed with a candy cane? Does she work in Dr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium? I like her new nose though.

I like her new nose though.
Notably missing? Lady Gaga. What is the Grammy's with no egg hatchings or meat dresses??? You guys, how old is mother monster if she's already getting hip replacements? I worry for our generation!
And I'm definitely upping the ante on my yoga!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Confessions of a Nail Polishaholic

I cheated you guys.
My self imposed 21day nail polish ban was up by Victor's wedding (obvi I planned it that way) but I still felt like my finger nails aren't quite recovered so I cheated. I did my feet in a nice amethyst hue using CR vanish and used decals for my finger nails. Nailene decals to be specific because as luck would have it, Incoco doesn't  ship to Uganda yet. It's a set of 36 strips for both toe and finger nails but trust me the toe ones just didn't seem to cut it for me. I'll probably try it again when I'm less harried. Maybe will get better results then. Moving on to the tutorial, have cut it down to three simple steps.

Niiiiice, right? The best part is not having to deal with varnish remover because that's the only downside to doing elaborate nail art.

1) Start off with clean dry and varnish free nails. I hadn't worn varnish in weeks but if you have on varnish. remove it and wash your hands. Wait to dry then use the nail toilette to further remove any oils or residue on the Nails.

2) Peel the strips off from the straight edge making sure not to touch the curved bit which goes against your nail beds so pick a size as close to your nails as possible.

3) Use the nail file (also included in the package) to trim the strip to a desirable length by filing the strip while holding the file perpendicular to your nail. Et Voila! There you have it, instant hustle free nail art.

Verdict: Three stars out of Five. The strips didn't perfectly fit all my nails and while they don't chip or tear, I have had to replace 3 because they were getting unglued. Whatever adhesive they use is clearly not as strong as they like us to believe. And not entirely waterproof. Got the pack for 15,000UGX (about $5) at a boutique in Equatorial Mall.

What I Wore

Aaah, finally the long awaited outfit post. (Yes, in my mind y'all keep checking back here on the daily wondering if I have put up a post yet. You, lovely readers, you! *Adorable cheek pinch to you all!*) 
Just to catch you up, despite this blog being about personal style (among many other wildly entertaining things), I happen to work for an ├╝ber-conservative boss who when I had just started here called me aside on more than one occasion to tell me my outfit was too *ahem* adventurous! I tried to keep a straight face. She did have some valid points, I guess, from her POV. But the technicalities of adventurous were never really addressed until I wore a neon print knee length shift dress, feeling very much like I own my personal style and won’t be fazed by strange looks thrown my way. That lasted until I checked my email to find a memo not unlike CBS’s Grammy one! Long story short, no neon, nothing that goes above the knees when I sit and cross my legs, no cleavage, nothing body-hugging or with high slits, and no heels over 3 inches! I kid you not. Never mind the fact that all my working-girl daydreams consisted of me dressed in exactly what she’d vetoed! And she tied it to my monthly bonus! (Kinda evil genius of her, non?) And I want 200% bonus so we have to make sacrifrices, OOTD posts will be few and far between L But Outfit of the Night/Occasion should definitely make up for this! \J/ Yay!

This are the most comfortable shoes I own. Its like my feet are floating on clouds! Ok, maybe that's  kinda exaggerating. But every time I'm not sure about the venue I'm going to (Grassy? Paved? Gravel? Indoors?) and how vigorous or not I'll have to booty shake, these babies are what I wear.
I went for amethyst accessories since the shoes had a hint of that on the platform and violet floral print. It didn't hurt that my spects happened to match the colour scheme too. Score!

This is what I wore on Saturday to Victor's wedding reception. Over slept and didn't make it to church so that outfit never got worn although I was going to wear a green halter-neck sheath. It is a conservative mid-calf length although the bottom is sheer. Oh well, another day I guess.  Had on a red manicure with floral nail art to match the print in the shoes. Went for red on my hands instead of the amethyst on the toes since I figured it would last from Saturday til today and this would be my nod to Saint Valentine. Had planned a tutorial too but realise if I include that and pics of what other people wore at the wedding this post will entail endless scrolling. So my take on style at Victor's wedding has been split into three. This (What I wore), the Nail Art tutorial, and What They Wore.

The Reject Pile: I'm one of those stereotypical girls that try on a gazillion outfits even though they have already zeroed in on what they want to wear! You know, just to be sure they aint leaving the better look behind. I hope I get to wear these someplace soon. Any of you have a wedding with an extra place setting, just leave a comment with the date and place!
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