Tuesday, December 2, 2014

UG Bloggers Challenge 1: Totems of Uganda

Pesh over at ConcernsOf1UgandanYA informed me of a Ugandan bloggers challenge that is currently underway where one can write about anything under the sky as long as it pertains to ART; be it the performing arts, fashion design, architecture or books. 

Monday, November 17, 2014


My lover got married over the weekend and she slayed so hard, yours truly has been in a daze all day!
Suffice it to say all wedding inspiration pics that I've been collecting over the years have been deleted. Solange's is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, the middle and the end of all weddings!!! This wedding gave me life! Behold!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Introducing the latest in minimalist Lingerie...the C-String

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie" - Dorothy Rothschild Parker (Vogue, 1916)

No...this is not a hairband
What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendall Jenner, Jamie Alexander and Governor Peter Florrick’s intern have in common? They all dared to go bare – or at least made us think they did.

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous!
With cutouts, sheer panels and formfitting designs ruling the runways and red carpets, who can blame them? French panties and thongs just don’t cut it anymore…when you throw on your freakum dress last thing you need is to worry about bunching undergarments, visible panty lines and in the case of thongs, errant strings creeping into view.

Designer Stella McCartney nailed this trend in her Fall 2011 show!
Cleverly employed sheer paneling to preserve your modesty while at the same time piquing the imagination of onlookers! This is what I call a win-win situation
But then again going commando is not an option. Granted there’s a certain freedom to be enjoyed by having a cooling breeze blowing through your nether yaya with every swish of your gown, the worry of flashing almost outweighs it. Let’s face it, not all of us have the brevity of Peter Florrick’s intern on the latest season of the Good Wife.

So what’s a trend loving stylish girl to do? Hit up Purple Rain Fashion Uganda, that’s what. Purple Rain exclusively stocks the latest in minimalist under garments – the C-String; your all in one answer to visible panty lines, muffin tops, squashed bits and Bridget-Jones-type-granny-panty situations. 

Oh Kim...so close, so very close...if only your stylist had Purple Rain's number on speed dial!
Available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, we’ve got you covered (pun definitely intended) whatever your preference maybe!

Lace, Satin, Cotton... White, Red, Polka dot, Animal Print...You name it!

Eve - the original fashionista!

Think of it like the modern version of Eve’s fig leaf – it covers just the essentials and leaves you free to wear whichever style, cut and fashion you fancy. And the best part – it's as comfortable as your birthday suit! So what are you waiting for? Order a pair or ten while stocks last. Free deliveries in and around Kampala City centre.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miss Uganda 2014

1st page of Google when you image search *Miss Uganda 2014*! All pics are of Stella, not a single one of Leah until about page 3.

With Miss Uganda 2013 winner Stella Nantubwe (Ellah) making such a favorable impression on BBA Hotshots,  many were curious to see who would replace her as Miss Uganda 2014. This year's pageant was ridden with much controversy from an alleged UPDF sponsorship to making the beauty queen hopefuls till gardens without so much as protective gloves! Not to mention in the scorching sun!

I understand where they were coming from - beauty with a purpose blah blah blah - but listen, there's a reason planting tree seedlings is the go to manual charity work for royals the world over. A hard shove of the spade, a sprinkling of soil, and a pat so ensure everything is firmly rooted and you're done. Nothing that would give one calluses!

Kate doesn't even have to take off her heels!

But clearly the currently gestating Brenda Nanyonjo had  a different agenda. An agenda that I assume didn't include hiring a professional stylist and Make Up Artist for the girls. (*side bar* Brenda is a professional stylist and MUA herself but I think she was on organiser duties only this year.)
That's the only way I can explain how all shots of the winner, 23 year old Ms Leah Kalanguka show her with atrocious make up (including lipstick on her teeth) and jewellery that not only overpowered her beautiful face but the gown as well!

The styling during the catwalk session worked because it was thematic - clearly they were going big or going home. And the stage lighting worked in their favour.
Really gorgeous dark skinned beauty

Leah is a beauty, no doubt about that, so much so that some international media outlets are hailing her as the next Lupita Nyong'o. (Pause as that sinks in.) Her make up Sunday night however wasn't for her skin tone. In fact I suspect that all contestants used the same palette and with majority being of lighter complexion than Leah, it's unsuitability went unnoticed until photos of her getting crowned started doing the rounds.

Honestly those necklaces...and earrings...should have taken something off after the catwalk session.
The first thing I noticed when a friend WhatsApped me the image of her driving off (it was the first image I saw) was that cheap looking choker necklace layered with 2 other cheaper looking chain necklaces on a V-neck gown! So many fashion sins already! This was coupled with totally unsuitable and unmatched chandelier earrings! Did I mention Leah is delicate featured? With her hair pulled away from her face in an elegant updo, all this jewelry was overwhelming!  Throw a Tiara into the mix and you can begin to understand why the average Ugandan's first conclusion was that she was ugly. She isn't. Her styling however was.

The sash beneath the Miss Uganda one reads Miss Photogenic. Huge irony then that media is only circulating the least flattering images of her!
That she still won despite of it goes to show she really has the complete package;  charisma, brains, and the innate beauty that even styling from hell can't hide. (Still, how come no one, not even Flavia who was Emcee-ing, told her she'd gotten lipstick on her teeth??? These girls ain't loyal.)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Attending events like Bayimba is why I've barely had a free hour to just sit back and update the blog
Guess who woke up when September ended? This here blog is who. Last month was quite the busy month I tell you. Between my 8 to 5 weekdays and fully booked weekends and incredibly slow internet connections, those 30 days whooshed passed with nary a post. That said, let's take stock of what's been going on, shall we?
Making : Shopping Lists. So many shopping lists...Bathroom, Furniture, Groceries...if I don't write it down I'm bound to exceed my budget for this move.
Cooking : French toast counts, right? Have not been much of a cook lately TBH.
Drinking : Water. Always
Reading: Gone Girl. For the third time in anticipation of the movie release tomorrow.
Wanting: The hedges at my new place to come in already! God those things grow at snail pace!
Looking: for Abstract patterned curtains. I have a very specific aesthetic for my new home.
Playing: Jewel Saga and Scrabble on my new Samsung Galaxy I got for my birthday.
I didn't know it yet (actually suspected it was perfume) but this was to become an extension to my arm. I dunno how people managed without smart phones.

Wasting: Time. (What else is new?)
Sewing: T Shirt dresses. Ok, more like altering a few thrifted dresses. But the tshirt dress is so under rated you guys.
Wishing: to find the perfect all wood 4 seater Dining Set
Enjoying: Gone Girl. That book is just so well written!
Waiting: for payday
Liking: my new Tshirt dresses.
Wondering: what the next 6 months have in store for me
Loving: Life. Its actually pretty damn good once you start counting your blessings.
Hoping: I find the curtains and the Dining Set in time.
Marvelling: at how completely pigheaded I can be sometimes
Needing: a vacation. Preferably some place exotic.
Smelling: peach scented hand sanitiser that I just wiped all over the mouse and keypad.
Wearing: Tshirt dress from Mr Price
Following: Diana Opoti. Her #100DaysOfAfricanFashion just came to a close and was featured on buzz feed.
Noticing: How I sleep better on the days I exercise to exhaustion
Knowing: Everything happens for a reason
Thinking: About life and plans and fate
Feeling: Just fine.
This was at a promotional shoot for IkwangbyIkwang (detailed post coming soon). Told ya I've been a busy bee.
Have a lovely October dear reader. (As Jane Eyre would say)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Emmy's Best Dressed

Hands down Lizzy Caplan! I almost wailed with joy when I saw this gown. I was like yaasssss...you mastered the sexy! Perfection. Diane Kruger levels of perfection. I feel like the Mean Girls cast have done well for themselves...except for Gretchen Weiner. Always none for Gretchen Weiner.

Honorable Mentions

This is about as Halle Beery golden age as you can get! Loved it

Diane Lockhart is right up there with Helen Mirren in women I want to be when I grow up

Other than that Spelling Bee movie, I've never liked anything else Keke Palmer has does but this dress is major and she's bringing it!
Marnie is so pretty that I can't help but love her character even at its most annoying.

Sarah came close to being my best dressed until I saw Lizzy and everyone else went out the door. Seriously though, this is so age and occasion appropriate! And her eyebrow game is on point!

Worst Dressed

You guys, do you think Lena even cares at all about this stuff? I mean she looked as bad as Allison Williams looked as good and that's saying a lot because AW looked so good I filed her pic in a folder of outfits I'll by when I'm rich enough to afford them. Lena loved her pouffe though so there's that going for her.

Hard to believe these are by the same designer!

And then there's Kim. I'm beginning to worry she really does think her cleavage is great. But seeing those mammary glands all squashed and relentlessly displayed makes me just worry that she doesn't spend as much time pumping as she should! Also, what is going on with her face? It's gotten frozen, hasn't it?

Speaking of - and I'm truly sorry to drag Claire Danes into this - but did anyone else seem uncomfortably reminded of Kim's wedding dress here? I mean Ricardo Tisci designed both, true. So his signature can be stamped on both but given all the press coverage that was given to the fact the Kim's Givenchy gown was bespoke you'd think Ricardo would owe it to Kanye to not just dye the bodice another colour and sew it to another skirt then give said gown to an actress that'd pull it off better than Kim!

Best Worst Dressed

This wasn't at the Emmy's but I just had to give it to Katy Perry and Riff Raff for paying homage to the greatest celebrity couple to ever grace the Red Carpet in Matching outfits! I wonder how Jessica Biel feels knowing decades late, people still 'ship JT and Britney as the OTP of all celebrity couples that ever coupled.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Its been a minute since I last blogged and honestly I don't even understand it myself...I've never been this busy in my life. I mean usually I announce the beginning of the best month of the year with a boastful post about how August babies are the best! Now we're 19 days in and I hadn't even sounded my trumpets! Anyhow, with my birthday tomorrow I figured I might as well get this month's Taking Stock post up.

Making : Plans for my birthday celebrations. Being mid week and with my packed schedule I want something very low key. Last year I was on leave and pulled off three dinners but tomorrow I'll be pretty content with a bit of office festivities and just one dinner thereafter.

Cooking : anything but super market meat. I'm a health nut so when that report about excess preservatives came out I swore off all kinds of supermarket meats. 
Drinking : Water. My trusty water bottle is always within arm's reach. 
Reading: Allegiant - the second book in the Divergent series. Loved seeing Mr.Pamuk in the movie! I just had to know Four better so I got the books but Allegiant isn't doing it for me to be honest. 
Wanting: To receive 3 very particular, very expensive gifts tomorrow. But I'll be happy just getting one of them.
Looking: Forward to starting my driving lessons. It's about time I ticked that 2014 new year's resolution off the list!
Playing: 30 Seconds - this might be my favourite game of all time! (After Scrabble of course.)
Wasting: Time. What else is new.
Sewing: Nothing this month! huh!
Wishing: For an exotic holiday! (Don't I always)
Enjoying: Suburgatory. Finally got the dvd set.
Waiting: To move into new digs. 
Wondering: When I'll find the perfect new apartment. Everyone says I'm too particular but when you design spaces for a living, how can you not be?

Loving: My bae
Hoping: That my brother takes my moving out news well

Needing: To have the moving out talk with my brother 
Smelling: Toast that I made my colleague bring me this morning.

Wearing: This cute thrifted print dress. It's a little loose fitting and I should probably take it to the tailor but felt like something free and casual today.
Noticing: hmmm, some extra inches.
Knowing: Everything always works out for the best.
Thinking: About my new targets for the new year.
Feeling: Surprisingly nonchalant about turning 25.
Opening: My current project (Cafe Interior design) now that this blog post is finished.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Maxi dresses for the win!

Was totally feeling my croquet braids after all the trials and tribulations I'd gone through for them! Let no one tell you its an easy life having natural hair!

Is it just me or has every other weekend this year been taken up by weddings or christenings or a shower of some kind? I seriously don't recall a single weekend when I felt well rested at the end of it all. On the plus side, its always a great opportunity to pull out the glad rags one doesn't wear to work or church. Like at my friend Philippa's wedding.

Paired my maxi dress with some nude heels, gold jewellery and a heart ring to celebrate the love. I'm cheesy like that :)

The couple is quite the conservative born again type so I figured I couldn't go wrong with a maxi dress. The reception was held at Wonder World Kansanga where I spied this double staircase I just had to pose before!

Ignore the huge Mutebile poster. Turns out the building is some university or other and he's chancellor.

Love this dress to bits! The back (sorry I don't have a pic of it) reminds me of the white grecian gown Serena van der Woodsen were at the white party the time her and Dan woke up at the beach the next morning. My dad bought it for me a couple of years back ad I'd never really had chance to showcase it till this wedding. 

 No, I did not catch the bouquet! This was just the a souvenir from all the festivities. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


This has been a long time in coming but it makes up for it by being picture heavy. Boy is it picture heavy! I can't even promise to caption them all! Lets start by setting the mood;

Me gallivanting all over the place in between stints of working the Candle-It station. My outfit is a crop top and skirt combo from Warehouse (originally a dress but I felt it veered a little twee for the occasion so I took scissors to it and got a good tailor and voila!)

This picture was when I realized I need to switch to a matte foundation. I'm all shine instead of glow.

I'm pretty certain the long face here was due to noticing how shiny I was in the pic above.

First look at the entire outfit. These shoes are the most comfortable heels in my closet right now and feature in nearly 50% of my outfit combinations. Available to order from www.paplerayn.com

Back to the candle station. I had to be here else people were going to take a bite outta them thinking they were real cupcakes. *True story*



The event was held at Bodaboda Garden City Rooftop and was a Red Carpet affair.

Candle-It supplied the decor and as night fell, candles in mason jars outline the mini-runway.

Couldn't resist taking a pic of this beautiful light fixture that cast such amazing geometric shadows

But enough of that, you want to see the fashion, right? Let's dive in then. All outfits showcased are available to order from the Paple Rayn website


Great stuff for corporates and the best part is its delivered right at your door!

These here are some of the male models that night. This is at the press line before Paple Rayn worked its magic.


Quite the transformation, no?



Guest of Honor and noted sharp dresser the Honourable Mike Mukula

The lady of the evening (centre)

Bet you wanted a close up of those shoes - also available at www.paplerayn.com

UBC's famed lifestyle and fashion presenter was in attendance.

The Emcees for the night - outfits by Paple Rayn

Cocktails and Food were on the house

About to launch the website - peep me in the background hurrying to my vantage point :)


And we're live!

It was such a fun filled night and a great culmination to months of hard work. Now show a sister some support and check out Uganda's first online shopping and home delivery website!

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