Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This red carpet was so meh, I have nothing to say. Nothing excited me. Its like all the people to watch either skipped it or half assed it. The performances though...those were everything! That's all.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Br Ba

Yeah Bitch!
Don't you just love it when the worlds of fiction and reality collide? I feel that's what happened when Anna Gunn rocked up at the SAGs with her awesome Breaking Bad clutch! How so *Bow down bitches* of her! 

Yes, he's pretending to check his reflection in her clutch while accepting his award!

And she rewarded him with a kiss! le sigh.

Of course that fabulous human known as Bryan Cranston had to get in on the fun! My little heart just dropped its ongoing preoccupation with Jared Leto there and then and sang! Yes, it did. Just take my word for it. My world doesn't revolve around Jared Leto you know.


Speaking of Jared and his heartbreaking ways... I'd rather he got it on with Emilia Clarke than Lupita because right now all that's giving me hope to hold on is that he's never been with an East African before so at least I have my exoticness going for me. Now if he hooks up with Lupita ... I can't even bear to think about it!

I mean. It just doesn't bear thinking about!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


*Disclaimer* I'm not yet back to full blogging mode so cut me some slack if I half ass this.

Anyhoo, I feel like everything that can be said about the best gowns on the red carpet has already been said. I mean, there's just so many adjectives the internet can use for Lupita Nyong'o, right?! And Jennifer #Lawrencing is a thing now thanks to her Dior gown, so that happened. Sorry Angelina Jolie's leg, time for retirement now. 

Personally, Amy Adams was my best dressed. Followed closely by Jessica Chastain (the detail on her gown! le sigh), Julianne Marguiles, Olivia Wilde and Cate Blanchett. But let's just dive straight to the misses, shall we?

You guys, I haven't watched Precious based on a novel by Sapphire but I have seen enough of Gabourey here to honestly say she's obese. Like 5 pounds away from being morbidly so. Those guys that call her beautiful and run to her defence when honest people like moi speak out are doing her a disservice! There are fat actresses in Hollywood that no one minds and lots of people love, Gabourey isn't one of them, because Gabourey isn't fat - she's obese.

So her stylist's choice to put her in this unforgiving fabric that shows where her bra strap digs into her shoulders, cupped with half sleeves when really it would have been kinder to cover up til the elbow is just wrong. So wrong. I gave up on my dinner and did press ups last night when she showed up on the red carpet as I was watching E!s repeat. That wrong.

On the other end of the spectrum is Lady Victoria Hervey who knows she's got a banging body and wants to rub it in everyone's faces! This is what she wore to the after party.

This isn't a one off thing by the way. Girlfriend loves putting the goods on display!

Honourable mention for worst dress goes to Julia Roberts whose dress was bi-polar; business above the waist and party downstairs, Zoe Saldana who sounded like she'd been given no choice by the designer during her interview with Seacrest and Heidi who every time she's judging Project Runway I have a hard time reconciling that wise and gentle judge with her TTH red carpet persona!

Weird how they're all basically in black and white! Next time pick a colour, it disguises a multitude of sins! God knows it saved Lena Dunham this time round. That and the genius that is Zac Posen.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


HAPPY 2014! It's almost a year since I started this particular blog and what a year it was! Short of getting engaged/pregnant/Masters degree I think I experienced everything a twentysomething does!
I have big hopes for this year (don't I always?) and since most of my ventures are collaborative efforts, chances are high that my natural tendency to procrastinate won't get in the way!

This view you guys!!! This view! Its something else I tell you. I even entered this picture in the #HolidaysAtHomeUg promotion so go over to http://thepearlguide.co.ug/holidaysathome/ and vote for me! I took so many more breathtaking pics at the Source of the Nile, Jinja but the promo rules are you have to be in the pic so this is what we are working with.
A collage of the second half of my holiday (1st half back home in Entebbe was basically an eat+read+watch movie+sleep orgy): I moved into new digs, went gift shopping (read spent ages trying on outfits and taking selfies) with Terri, ate a lot - A WHOLE LOT - this is in fact going to be a post of its own, toured Jinja - this place has more hotels/Guesthouses than Entebbe!!!
Picture on right is four days before the left and I think I gained about 3 pounds in the interval! No worries though, living with my vegan bro should make shedding the pounds a piece of cake!
I'm still hangover from the best christmas break ever so I'm not really back in blogging mode hence the bookmark but figured I out to say something about the new year before that got stale. Toodles!
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