Monday, March 17, 2014

Kaiser Karl just cracks me up!

You guys, I think Kanye has been ousted from the throne of who gives the most quotable interviews! Reading the Refinery29 Karl Lagerfeld Fragrance interview was a study in restraint! I wanted to tweet every other word until I realised it's better and easier just compiling a Best Quotes blog post! So here goes guys, if you're at work you might want to read this somewhere were your deranged hyena laughter won't draw suspicious looks. Also keep away from Coke or other fizzy drinks because that shit is bad for the snot laughs about to ensue!

"Fragrance is fashion for the nose."

"Selfies are just a form of visual masturbation" Truer words have never been said.

In response to what inspires him,"You want me to remain pretentious? Myself." Dude.

"It's impolite not to have a beautiful smell." So that guy who pass in the hallway that reeks of KV? His is not an issue of hygiene, it's an issue of manners! Dude is rude to assault your nose with his foul smell!

"I only remember the pleasant things. I cannot remember anything unpleasant." This is when he fails to recall the name of a fragrance he designed with Elizabeth Arden that failed to achieve the longevity of Chanel No.5. I subscribe to the same school of thought - if you're going to dwell in the past, at least let them be happy memories.

"I'm a health freak, but I don't like that subject for conversation — fitness is as boring as sickness for a subject." I don't agree, but I admit he does have a point.

"I spent my life reading. I have not so much time. When I read I feel guilty because I say to myself 'but you have to do this.' Then it's even better because guilt at a certain level is a spicy feeling to enjoy what you are doing." Preach it Kaiser Kaiser! Nothing like guilt to spice up an already enjoyable experience. This is why reading novels under desks during prep was so irresistible!

"My website is my brain." O_o On whether he reads any online sites.

**Long live Choupette!**

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Head right over to Jared Leto's personal tumblr and die of lust. (Beware though, its permanently haunted by my drooling ghost.)

Don't believe me? Exhibit A

His eyes! Dear Lord God in heaven, his eyes!!!
Not convinced yet? Ka Pow!!!

Still need a little more persuasion? You asked for it! *Totally NSFW by the way*

Boom chaka boom boom! Now head right over and lets drool over this gorgeous talented piece of manly man meat!
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