Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miss Uganda 2014

1st page of Google when you image search *Miss Uganda 2014*! All pics are of Stella, not a single one of Leah until about page 3.

With Miss Uganda 2013 winner Stella Nantubwe (Ellah) making such a favorable impression on BBA Hotshots,  many were curious to see who would replace her as Miss Uganda 2014. This year's pageant was ridden with much controversy from an alleged UPDF sponsorship to making the beauty queen hopefuls till gardens without so much as protective gloves! Not to mention in the scorching sun!

I understand where they were coming from - beauty with a purpose blah blah blah - but listen, there's a reason planting tree seedlings is the go to manual charity work for royals the world over. A hard shove of the spade, a sprinkling of soil, and a pat so ensure everything is firmly rooted and you're done. Nothing that would give one calluses!

Kate doesn't even have to take off her heels!

But clearly the currently gestating Brenda Nanyonjo had  a different agenda. An agenda that I assume didn't include hiring a professional stylist and Make Up Artist for the girls. (*side bar* Brenda is a professional stylist and MUA herself but I think she was on organiser duties only this year.)
That's the only way I can explain how all shots of the winner, 23 year old Ms Leah Kalanguka show her with atrocious make up (including lipstick on her teeth) and jewellery that not only overpowered her beautiful face but the gown as well!

The styling during the catwalk session worked because it was thematic - clearly they were going big or going home. And the stage lighting worked in their favour.
Really gorgeous dark skinned beauty

Leah is a beauty, no doubt about that, so much so that some international media outlets are hailing her as the next Lupita Nyong'o. (Pause as that sinks in.) Her make up Sunday night however wasn't for her skin tone. In fact I suspect that all contestants used the same palette and with majority being of lighter complexion than Leah, it's unsuitability went unnoticed until photos of her getting crowned started doing the rounds.

Honestly those necklaces...and earrings...should have taken something off after the catwalk session.
The first thing I noticed when a friend WhatsApped me the image of her driving off (it was the first image I saw) was that cheap looking choker necklace layered with 2 other cheaper looking chain necklaces on a V-neck gown! So many fashion sins already! This was coupled with totally unsuitable and unmatched chandelier earrings! Did I mention Leah is delicate featured? With her hair pulled away from her face in an elegant updo, all this jewelry was overwhelming!  Throw a Tiara into the mix and you can begin to understand why the average Ugandan's first conclusion was that she was ugly. She isn't. Her styling however was.

The sash beneath the Miss Uganda one reads Miss Photogenic. Huge irony then that media is only circulating the least flattering images of her!
That she still won despite of it goes to show she really has the complete package;  charisma, brains, and the innate beauty that even styling from hell can't hide. (Still, how come no one, not even Flavia who was Emcee-ing, told her she'd gotten lipstick on her teeth??? These girls ain't loyal.)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Attending events like Bayimba is why I've barely had a free hour to just sit back and update the blog
Guess who woke up when September ended? This here blog is who. Last month was quite the busy month I tell you. Between my 8 to 5 weekdays and fully booked weekends and incredibly slow internet connections, those 30 days whooshed passed with nary a post. That said, let's take stock of what's been going on, shall we?
Making : Shopping Lists. So many shopping lists...Bathroom, Furniture, Groceries...if I don't write it down I'm bound to exceed my budget for this move.
Cooking : French toast counts, right? Have not been much of a cook lately TBH.
Drinking : Water. Always
Reading: Gone Girl. For the third time in anticipation of the movie release tomorrow.
Wanting: The hedges at my new place to come in already! God those things grow at snail pace!
Looking: for Abstract patterned curtains. I have a very specific aesthetic for my new home.
Playing: Jewel Saga and Scrabble on my new Samsung Galaxy I got for my birthday.
I didn't know it yet (actually suspected it was perfume) but this was to become an extension to my arm. I dunno how people managed without smart phones.

Wasting: Time. (What else is new?)
Sewing: T Shirt dresses. Ok, more like altering a few thrifted dresses. But the tshirt dress is so under rated you guys.
Wishing: to find the perfect all wood 4 seater Dining Set
Enjoying: Gone Girl. That book is just so well written!
Waiting: for payday
Liking: my new Tshirt dresses.
Wondering: what the next 6 months have in store for me
Loving: Life. Its actually pretty damn good once you start counting your blessings.
Hoping: I find the curtains and the Dining Set in time.
Marvelling: at how completely pigheaded I can be sometimes
Needing: a vacation. Preferably some place exotic.
Smelling: peach scented hand sanitiser that I just wiped all over the mouse and keypad.
Wearing: Tshirt dress from Mr Price
Following: Diana Opoti. Her #100DaysOfAfricanFashion just came to a close and was featured on buzz feed.
Noticing: How I sleep better on the days I exercise to exhaustion
Knowing: Everything happens for a reason
Thinking: About life and plans and fate
Feeling: Just fine.
This was at a promotional shoot for IkwangbyIkwang (detailed post coming soon). Told ya I've been a busy bee.
Have a lovely October dear reader. (As Jane Eyre would say)

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