Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is more of a book mark post actually because I think my celebrating is still going on and on seeing as some of my bestest best buds were too busy with their careers to turn up! So will update as the shenanigans go down!

Birthdays are the perfect excuse for me to be even more self indulgent than usual. I had two outfit changes, the pink and black mid calf sheath for the evening dinners and changed into thigh skimming blue and black lace with tights for later that night. 
As a devout worshipper at the altar of ANTM, I have discovered the 3/4 pose is my best angle! Slight downward head tilt, eyes cast coyly upwards, megawatt smile!

Started off the day taking a bookshelfie with my new cammy. Apparently all the cool book nerds are doing it. There's even a whole tumblr dedicated to bookshelfies so I'm off to submit this one soon as I finish this blog post.

Lounged in bed a bit reading Princess Diana - A pictorial tribute and painting my nails, as every wannabe princess does, before getting ready for the first of my dinners. No apologies for the messiness, I was off that day.

Snapped a pic of my new baby's package the second I unwrapped it! And set the date function while at it (as if there was any chance I'd forget how and when we first met!)

I have no idea what was happening in this pic! It was towards the end of the night...I had 3 dinners inside of me and had imbibed a questionable variety of cocktails with each!

By this point I just wanted my bed... fun night it was, it had to end!
Good thing Friday was right round the corner and everyone had no excuse not to come out! But this is a post for another day! And come 31st we hit the beach! I told you I love August!

Sartorial Nightmare Take II

You know that nightmare where you turn up on the red carpet in the same outfit as someone else? Like what happened to Alec Baldwin's baby momma and hilarious model Chrissy here? No? Weird. I have it all the time! Never mind that I've never walked a red carpet.
Anyway, that nightmare took on an even more horrifying aspect when little known Canadian singer Grimes turned out in the EXACT SAME PANTS as 2 Chainz!!!
Not only was her outfit worn by someone more famous, that someone was a GUY, and HE WORE IT BETTER!

I have to confess I only started liking 2 Chainz and his music after he cameoed on 2 Broke Girl$. Not that it matters, Im'm now a die hard fan!

I can't even start on the rest of the craziness of this night! So lemme leave you with a gif of TSwizzy dropping the F* bomb when Harry Styles got onstage to present an award. And this is why I RT'd Dawson;
"When in doubt, cut to Taylor Swift. When not in doubt, cut to Taylor Swift."
She always delivers I'm beginning to suspect she plans it!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Obvi all the focus was on Glee this time round cause Cory is doing his angel duties and all. Lea was pretty in pink, Amber and Jenna looked great too, Naya...I dunno know, maybe she was still in mourning but wanted to seem age-appropriately dressed in a bralet? I can't even begin to deal.

Also, you have to give Rebel Wilson props for committing to theme and everything.

My best dressed of course was Nina Dobrev who can do no wrong where I'm concerned. 

My best dressed of course was Nina Dobrev who can do no wrong where I'm concerned.

Clearly this blogging frequently thing is harder than I thought so let's just go over to this fab photography blog right here.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


August is here!!! I don't know what it is about this month but people born in it (aka me) tend to be crazy in love with it! I can't imagine life not being a Leo. I can't. I look at other star signs and I'm convinced everyone wishes they were Leos. They must. Needless to say, despite my birthday firmly straddling that fence separating Leos and Virgos, I celebrate my birthday THE WHOLE MONTH. (Yes, I start accepting gifts from the 1st - which happens to be when one of my best friends is born, through the 10th - another of my besties bday, to the 20th and don't stop til the 30th - when D was born!) So in celebration I plan to post more and post often this month. Lets start it off with my favourite beauty products (in case you're wondering what to gift me and aren't sure which books I've read and which I haven't, I can't get enough of these!) And in no particular order, I give you some of my material pleasures this season!


PULSE by Beyonce, Pure Seduction Victoria's Secret Body Cream, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturing Lotion, Eden Apricot Face and Body Scrub.

I’m a Victoria's Secrets junkie. I figure if I can't be an angel I’ll smell and dress like them. I dated a guy once that used to get perfumes, panties, lotions etc on sale in LA and bring back to me in the summer. (At one point I even started up a boutique dealing exclusively in VS lingerie but apparently not every Ugandan thinks that 50,000UGX is fair price to wear the exact same panties as Chanel Iman.) Eventually we broke up so I had to learn to support my habit on my own L

Have you ever sent a guy to buy you a beauty product without whatsapping him a pic? This is what happened here. I wanted the VS. I tried to be a specific as possible (Apricot, tube not can/tin, body not face, etc) and got Eden instead. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise, this stuff is good, my skin just might legitimately be softer and smother than a baby’s buttocks.

This was a gift. Its more low key than the in your face Heat (which I prefer by the way). I guess motherhood did kinda mellow her (and she went for Blue of course)… but its a  great everyday scent all the same because clearly Heat is for when you want to up the ante otherwise wearing it everyday would be defeating the purpose unless of course you're Beyonce.


I dunno where my face would be without L'oreal. I got the worst acne breakout after starting using Norplant and tried everything whether it cost 150$ (Nuetrogena) or 1,000UGX (blue soap), herbals, botanicals, bio oil, St Ives, Yardley, Clean n Clear, Mary Kay…nothing would have a lasting effect past 2 months! Then when my graduation was coming up (2011) I realised I just couldn’t have the day immortalised in video and pictures with a face caked with make up, I hit google and did thorough research, my dissertation supervisor would have been proud. Then I had asking test done and knew exactly what my skin needed and L'oreal ticked all the boxes. \o/
Got my first batch at Nakumatt Bukoto but about 6 months later when my moisturizer was used up, they were out of stock. :@ Had a mini fit before scouring beauty shops and found BodyCare and Vines carry L'oreal so I’ve been sorted since. Love this stuff to death! Literally, it saved my face!


You know that scene in 2 Broke Girl$ when Max takes Caroline to the GoodWill place for the first time and she gets these gorgeous shorts for peanuts and breaks out into an impromptu dance? That’s me everytime I score something real good for a fraction of it original price. And my giddiness stays with me for like days!
Best thing about the 1st week of a new month is that not only are my pockets and bank account happy, most places are having sales to get rid of slow selling stock. The Kenjoy I live next too perpetually always has a sale going on but because I’m so brand loyal I never get most of the stuff. This one time though they put Cadbury’s mint choc bars and I worried for my health! They had about a month left on their sell by date and were retailing for 1/3 their original price. My housemate is even worse, he waited for the very last week of the sell by date when the price had now been slashed to a 1/5 and bought tens of the stuff! Up til now if I’m ever diagnosed with some stomach illness this is the first cause ill think of.

Anyway, the BodyCare shop over at Pioneer Mall is having a sale on Yardley and Rimmel products so I took myself down there. (I don’t know about you but all the browns and nudes are not what floats my boat. No wonder they were slow moving. Who is these people's buyer anyway and what do they base on? Do they ever study current trends like the makeup on major runways?)
Moving on, as is my usual I scrutinised every shelf even if you know, most of the shelves didn't carry any of the stuff that had brought me in, that's how I found these beautiful Wet n Wild lipsticks. Actually wanted 8 different shades but since it was an impulse buy... and I hadn’t tried them out yet... I settled on 3. (See, I can restrain myself.) And some CR polish to match.

My favourite shade: Fuchsia with a touch of blue pearl.
This little handy remover is the best thing that's happened to my nails in ever! I mass buy them and keep at least one in each of my work bags just in case. You never know when you might need an emergency mani, right?

So there you have it; my August loves. Have a great month everyone and if I don't keep my promise of frequent lengthy posts feel free to leave you grievances in the comments ;)
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