Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sartorial Nightmare Take II

You know that nightmare where you turn up on the red carpet in the same outfit as someone else? Like what happened to Alec Baldwin's baby momma and hilarious model Chrissy here? No? Weird. I have it all the time! Never mind that I've never walked a red carpet.
Anyway, that nightmare took on an even more horrifying aspect when little known Canadian singer Grimes turned out in the EXACT SAME PANTS as 2 Chainz!!!
Not only was her outfit worn by someone more famous, that someone was a GUY, and HE WORE IT BETTER!

I have to confess I only started liking 2 Chainz and his music after he cameoed on 2 Broke Girl$. Not that it matters, Im'm now a die hard fan!

I can't even start on the rest of the craziness of this night! So lemme leave you with a gif of TSwizzy dropping the F* bomb when Harry Styles got onstage to present an award. And this is why I RT'd Dawson;
"When in doubt, cut to Taylor Swift. When not in doubt, cut to Taylor Swift."
She always delivers I'm beginning to suspect she plans it!

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