Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is more of a book mark post actually because I think my celebrating is still going on and on seeing as some of my bestest best buds were too busy with their careers to turn up! So will update as the shenanigans go down!

Birthdays are the perfect excuse for me to be even more self indulgent than usual. I had two outfit changes, the pink and black mid calf sheath for the evening dinners and changed into thigh skimming blue and black lace with tights for later that night. 
As a devout worshipper at the altar of ANTM, I have discovered the 3/4 pose is my best angle! Slight downward head tilt, eyes cast coyly upwards, megawatt smile!

Started off the day taking a bookshelfie with my new cammy. Apparently all the cool book nerds are doing it. There's even a whole tumblr dedicated to bookshelfies so I'm off to submit this one soon as I finish this blog post.

Lounged in bed a bit reading Princess Diana - A pictorial tribute and painting my nails, as every wannabe princess does, before getting ready for the first of my dinners. No apologies for the messiness, I was off that day.

Snapped a pic of my new baby's package the second I unwrapped it! And set the date function while at it (as if there was any chance I'd forget how and when we first met!)

I have no idea what was happening in this pic! It was towards the end of the night...I had 3 dinners inside of me and had imbibed a questionable variety of cocktails with each!

By this point I just wanted my bed... fun night it was, it had to end!
Good thing Friday was right round the corner and everyone had no excuse not to come out! But this is a post for another day! And come 31st we hit the beach! I told you I love August!

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