Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I dunno about you but I love quotes, all kinds of them. I've fallen in love with people that died decades ago just because I read something they said and felt like I had come home from a long lonely journey (Here's looking at you Mae West). 
And then my love for comics goes way way back from reading the kid's section in saturday papers and devouring Modesty Blaise at the TV guide. Nothing made 12 year old me happier than a new Betty & Veronica comic book. (*side bar* At one point, a friend and I started a blog and named it Betty & Veronica. Then we both forgot our joint password!) Anyway, in high school I discovered Calvin & Hobbes and it has become a sort of litmus test for me with boy friends, if you don't chuckle even once through a Calvin & Hobbes book then I'm afraid we don't share the same sense of humour and therefore our relationship is doomed!

So imagine my joy when I discovered Zen Pencils, this great comic blog where former graphic designer cum cartoonist Gavin takes quotes submitted by readers and adapts them in to a comic strip! Over the moon doesn't even come close! People, I left this milky way and went euphorically zeroing off into an as yet undiscovered galaxy. These are some of my recent favourites, I especially love the Erica Goldson one below! Gavin put up the teacher one as follow-up to show that however true Erica was, teachers are still invaluable. The first one by Robert Frost just makes me chuckle! Because, come on! 
He also has posters for sale and stuff so usually the jpgs on his site are tiny but high res so just zoom in on these ones okay? Or just go over to his site for the real deal.


  1. You know when I read the first post I remembered that the reason I haven't been up to date with the blog is that I was working 12 hours a day. It spoke directly to me. I don't know why we do that to our selves; think that its okay to push our bodies beyond their limits and expect successful results.

    1. I know, right? So next time you feel like its been a while since you read this here blog just know you're pushing your body beyond its limits and need to just chillax and catch up with me.


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