Friday, February 7, 2014


Just spent a week of going HAM at the gym with my awesome new trainer and I promise you - I'm soon going to be the girl you keep in your fitspo folder to body shame yourself. What I'm yet to figure out though is a balance between my daily 1 and half hour gym sessions after work and my writing, so chances are the blog is going to suffer.
Anyhoo, some news on Instagram. Solange is killing it as artistic director of Puma! Her instagram feed is pure heaven. That said, isn't it a bit like how London styled that girl on ANTM like a mini-her? Because this aesthetic is so strongly Solange its not even a case of drawing inspiration from her style ... its a copy and paste scenario. Luckily for Puma and us, Solange's style rocks!

They all look like mini-Solanges, don't they?

Gloria Wavamuno posted this behind the scenes shoot for Kampala Fashion Week. No prizes for guessing who the Face of Kampala Fashion Week is!

Yes, that's Aamito on the floor making fierce love to the camera! Can't wait for the big reveal and all the accompanying fashion! It's the inaugural Kampala Fashion Week, right?

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