Friday, September 13, 2013


Introducing a new feature on the blog that will ensure that however busy I am, at least I’ll have a weekly post for you guys. It will basically be recapping the pop culture moments that tickled me. Hope you like it.
Starting with Mama North West.

 Jaws around the world dropped for a variety of reasons when the Karl Lagerfeld shot, Ricardo Tusci styled May shoot a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian did went public. I mean; there was jam, there was bling, she wore GRILLES, there were veils and Yankees caps, it is Kim, it is la Lagerfeld, it is Ricardo, and we all know how badly Kanye wants Wintour to put Kim on the cover!

Mercedes Benz fashion week is like fashion blogger’s paradise. For me though its like a buffet that leaves me undecided what to pick and what to leave. So I disregarded the runway shows in favour of street fashion. This particular instant was a PR stunt by British singer and designer Madame Allsorts to debut her sweatshirt line which was modeled by Anna Wintour clones and featured a cartoon drawing of her face and the words “Spring, Summer, Autumn”. I loved it!

Idris Elba is generating Oscar buzz for playing the eponymous Nelson Mandela in a movie co-starring Skyfall’s Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela. I shall leave this there without comment for your enjoyment.

In a week filled with movie premieres and fashion week, Olivia Wilde wears my favorite dress of them all to pick up the first ever IMDb’s STARmeter Award. I half fear I would sell my soul for an optical illusion dress this good! Lord, it whittles her waist down to a handspan! My dream.

These deserve their own post, amirite? 

Mani rings are the best thing to happen to nails since…well, since nail art. They’re like ducals but longer lasting, more versatile, and reusable. Even Queen Bey is all up in this! And if this isn’t up to your speed, may I interest you in temporary cuticle tattoos?

Also this happened. Twitter, I love you

Action hero, politician and former muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger and boxer-turned-actor Wladimir Klitschko (on-again boyfriend to Hayden Penettiere) swapped shirtless pictures of themselves on Twitter

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