Friday, September 27, 2013


Diane Kruger killed it in what shall hence forth be known as the prototype for my wedding gown (with minor colour tweaks of course) even if I’m dead set on not wearing a gown on that day. This woman is a legend; I dunno how she does it but wow. Just wow. I mean with Blake you always know she has that body (and I’m not saying la Krug is slacking in the hotness department either but come on…) nut Diane here has the kind of look you’re convinced regular 5 hour workout days each week will give you and yet one look at her in this you know nothing man, machine or god can do will ever make you pull it off this hard!

And as the fug girls pointed out, Haylee Seinfeld seems to have a bit of this thing that us mere mortal can only stare and marvel it! Also there's a remake of Romeo & Juliet you guys! About which I reserve judgement until I watch it.

Susan Sarandon seems to have misplaced her joie de vivre though because! Come on Thelma, I expect more from the woman that seduced Alfie then dumped him! It should be a Project Runway challenge, help Susan get her mojo back!

In unrelated news, I moved out of my home of the last 16 months and for a while was contemplating time sharing with a couple of reluctant friends but the more I explored the interior design I wanted in my new place the faster I realized I’d only be happy living on my own, calling all the shots. So the search for a studio apartment begins! I already know the DIY waiting to happen as far as the room divider goes! 

Painted Vinyl hangings! So retro yet so cool! I feel like my soul sister Solange would approve.

Other important stuff happened too but was every time I would get online I was sidetracked by the Westgate Tragedy (Kenya, we are one) so I didn't catch up on my usual gossip.


  1. I'm like a re awakened fan, following and reading up on all I've missed for the last many months. did you find that studio, if not tweet me @quirkything, i know one of the few you can find in Kampala

    1. You know of a studio apartment?!? Why are you sitting on that gold mine??? My bro (and housemate for the next 3 months *eye roll*) took all my apartment saving and plunked them down on this 2 bedroom house that 250% too large and in the middle of nowhere! I assured him we are moving soon as I get a good place, down payments be damned! So please, cough up the contacts for that studio.


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