Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ah, Life. Thine sense of humour is unmatched!

Hey guys,
So remember that time I handed in my resignation letter so I could focus on my personal pursuits like blogging and graphic design and all? And then proceeded to go off the radar for weeks on end? Yeah, that time.

I became an aunt to the cutest baby that ever was and ever will be. And then proceeded to get freaked out by what her presence in my life entails vis-a-vis souls/reincarnation/pre-destination before her dad (my brother told me I'm being weird)

Well, I’d barely put up my legs with remote in hand and a stack of dvds begging to be watched when a friend called with this unturnable-down offer! So much as I wanted to lounge and be my own boss, I decided to go in for the interview, see what it was about and maybe start part time work in a month after getting my affairs in order, you know, for the financial security and such. Poor little delusional me. The reason the offer was irresistible is because they were swamped! I started work then and there! Never mind about part timing and all!
So yeah, there you have it. I’ve become a desk monkey again and this time I can’t even think of leaving cuz gosh, I’ve made such major moves lately that not having a regular cash flow would be the worst kind of slow suicide I could commit.

Being October, work or no work, the girls and I weren't about to let the one night a year that we can dress up like total sluts and no other girls can judge go by unacknowledged. So we slapped on some makeup and hit the town!
(*side bar - I DIY'ed the witch's hat from plastic bags and bond paper. I'm supposed to be a cross between Professor McGonagall and lady Stoneheart in case you couldn't tell)

But fear not, I’m going to figure this out, this balancing thing I mean. Going to pick a leaf from the most hardworking woman in the biz, Kim Kardashian (haha, I kid.) songstress, designer, #thuglifer, muse, producer, weedlover, globetrotter, actress, (she was in This is the End, you guys) and all round awesome 24 year old Riri and multitask this b*tch called the quarter life crisis into submission! I mean if she can sell out stadiums while partying all night, designing for RiverIsland, producing StyledToRock and keeping Melissa and half of Barbados in honest employment then surely I can keep my 8 to 5, blog, workout, and get my design firm off the ground without dying of exhaustion!

When I'm not working or being Aunt Awesome or partying, I'm house/furniture hunting! Mehn, October has been like being run over by a freight train and now the holiday season is upon us!


  1. I am so digging the DIY hat. I throw props to everyone who is able to undertake and successfully complete a DIY project. (I have about 10 or so pending projects and have been for a while).

  2. Oh, the hat was real easy, I just made a cone using manilla paper like we were taught when learning about basic shapes in primary and after some disasters involving black shoe polish and failing to find black fabric lying about, I chanced upon the polythene bag! And voila, Halloween history was made!
    Now furniture DIYs are a whole different story...


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