Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Purple Rain Fashion Uganda - the coolest online shop ever this side of the Sahara. Had a professional photoshoot and all for the web site and I will share the pics on here too as soon as the photogs finish touching them up.
In the meantime, you'll have to make to with the ones I snapped with my little 16mp cammy.

In the interest of full disclosure, y'all need to know that I had just run 10k in a little over 80mins so wasn't at my smiziest best. My muscles were planning a mutiny and all the rest of me wanted to do was sleep for 3 days straight! But at least I did my part in helping MTN & Co. get clean water to Karamoja :)

All Accessories available soon at Purple Rain

 Still on the topic of the marathon, I didn't see much point in painting my tootsies as they wouldn't be on display. So when the photogs decided they had an opening just an hour after I came close to beating Kiprotich and was in definitive #BeastMode, a pedicure was out of the question.

The Jay Manuels and Patrick DeMarchelier to my Tyra Banks ;)

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