Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Emmy's Best Dressed

Hands down Lizzy Caplan! I almost wailed with joy when I saw this gown. I was like mastered the sexy! Perfection. Diane Kruger levels of perfection. I feel like the Mean Girls cast have done well for themselves...except for Gretchen Weiner. Always none for Gretchen Weiner.

Honorable Mentions

This is about as Halle Beery golden age as you can get! Loved it

Diane Lockhart is right up there with Helen Mirren in women I want to be when I grow up

Other than that Spelling Bee movie, I've never liked anything else Keke Palmer has does but this dress is major and she's bringing it!
Marnie is so pretty that I can't help but love her character even at its most annoying.

Sarah came close to being my best dressed until I saw Lizzy and everyone else went out the door. Seriously though, this is so age and occasion appropriate! And her eyebrow game is on point!

Worst Dressed

You guys, do you think Lena even cares at all about this stuff? I mean she looked as bad as Allison Williams looked as good and that's saying a lot because AW looked so good I filed her pic in a folder of outfits I'll by when I'm rich enough to afford them. Lena loved her pouffe though so there's that going for her.

Hard to believe these are by the same designer!

And then there's Kim. I'm beginning to worry she really does think her cleavage is great. But seeing those mammary glands all squashed and relentlessly displayed makes me just worry that she doesn't spend as much time pumping as she should! Also, what is going on with her face? It's gotten frozen, hasn't it?

Speaking of - and I'm truly sorry to drag Claire Danes into this - but did anyone else seem uncomfortably reminded of Kim's wedding dress here? I mean Ricardo Tisci designed both, true. So his signature can be stamped on both but given all the press coverage that was given to the fact the Kim's Givenchy gown was bespoke you'd think Ricardo would owe it to Kanye to not just dye the bodice another colour and sew it to another skirt then give said gown to an actress that'd pull it off better than Kim!

Best Worst Dressed

This wasn't at the Emmy's but I just had to give it to Katy Perry and Riff Raff for paying homage to the greatest celebrity couple to ever grace the Red Carpet in Matching outfits! I wonder how Jessica Biel feels knowing decades late, people still 'ship JT and Britney as the OTP of all celebrity couples that ever coupled.

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