Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Its been a minute since I last blogged and honestly I don't even understand it myself...I've never been this busy in my life. I mean usually I announce the beginning of the best month of the year with a boastful post about how August babies are the best! Now we're 19 days in and I hadn't even sounded my trumpets! Anyhow, with my birthday tomorrow I figured I might as well get this month's Taking Stock post up.

Making : Plans for my birthday celebrations. Being mid week and with my packed schedule I want something very low key. Last year I was on leave and pulled off three dinners but tomorrow I'll be pretty content with a bit of office festivities and just one dinner thereafter.

Cooking : anything but super market meat. I'm a health nut so when that report about excess preservatives came out I swore off all kinds of supermarket meats. 
Drinking : Water. My trusty water bottle is always within arm's reach. 
Reading: Allegiant - the second book in the Divergent series. Loved seeing Mr.Pamuk in the movie! I just had to know Four better so I got the books but Allegiant isn't doing it for me to be honest. 
Wanting: To receive 3 very particular, very expensive gifts tomorrow. But I'll be happy just getting one of them.
Looking: Forward to starting my driving lessons. It's about time I ticked that 2014 new year's resolution off the list!
Playing: 30 Seconds - this might be my favourite game of all time! (After Scrabble of course.)
Wasting: Time. What else is new.
Sewing: Nothing this month! huh!
Wishing: For an exotic holiday! (Don't I always)
Enjoying: Suburgatory. Finally got the dvd set.
Waiting: To move into new digs. 
Wondering: When I'll find the perfect new apartment. Everyone says I'm too particular but when you design spaces for a living, how can you not be?

Loving: My bae
Hoping: That my brother takes my moving out news well

Needing: To have the moving out talk with my brother 
Smelling: Toast that I made my colleague bring me this morning.

Wearing: This cute thrifted print dress. It's a little loose fitting and I should probably take it to the tailor but felt like something free and casual today.
Noticing: hmmm, some extra inches.
Knowing: Everything always works out for the best.
Thinking: About my new targets for the new year.
Feeling: Surprisingly nonchalant about turning 25.
Opening: My current project (Cafe Interior design) now that this blog post is finished.

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