Friday, July 25, 2014

Maxi dresses for the win!

Was totally feeling my croquet braids after all the trials and tribulations I'd gone through for them! Let no one tell you its an easy life having natural hair!

Is it just me or has every other weekend this year been taken up by weddings or christenings or a shower of some kind? I seriously don't recall a single weekend when I felt well rested at the end of it all. On the plus side, its always a great opportunity to pull out the glad rags one doesn't wear to work or church. Like at my friend Philippa's wedding.

Paired my maxi dress with some nude heels, gold jewellery and a heart ring to celebrate the love. I'm cheesy like that :)

The couple is quite the conservative born again type so I figured I couldn't go wrong with a maxi dress. The reception was held at Wonder World Kansanga where I spied this double staircase I just had to pose before!

Ignore the huge Mutebile poster. Turns out the building is some university or other and he's chancellor.

Love this dress to bits! The back (sorry I don't have a pic of it) reminds me of the white grecian gown Serena van der Woodsen were at the white party the time her and Dan woke up at the beach the next morning. My dad bought it for me a couple of years back ad I'd never really had chance to showcase it till this wedding. 

 No, I did not catch the bouquet! This was just the a souvenir from all the festivities. Have a great weekend!

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