Friday, July 4, 2014


My outfit last Saturday at a friend's surprise birthday dinner. Dress from Warehouse modified into a skirt and crop top.

So this is the Taking Stock post ( template from Meet me at Mike's) I promised to rewrite. Except of course a few things are different than what I had filled in in the first draft. No prizes for guessing what catastrophe befell me in the past hour.

Making : Sunburst mirrors. These are the first off a line of Interior Decor products I plan on making. No point in dreaming small, right?

Excuse the mess. I was making them from my office after hours but will move the makeshift workshop home this weekend.
I have never been prouder to announce to the universe that I made this. If you've ever been subjected to any meals prepared by yours truly you know why this is a very big deal.
 Cooking : Oven roast whole herb chicken. Got a new gas oven a couple of months back and I'm putting it to good use. No more 3 minute noodles for this girl.
Drinking : Water. Not nearly enough though. Need to do something about this.
Reading: The Passage by Justin Cronin. Was recommended by the bae because I'm all about the paranormal and books with kids as protagonists. Loved the first half, cant read the second half after the sun goes down or if in the house alone. What can I say, I spook easily.
Wanting: To work from home. Or at least convince these guys flexi-time is a better deal for me.
Looking: Out my office window to the Friday flea market along Kira road.
Playing: Dumb Ways to Die. Silliest game ever.
Wasting: Time. Always. Procrastination is top of the list of my vices.
Sewing: A new sequined bottom to a dress. This should in fact be its own blog post.
Wishing:That I had backed up that C Drive before they upgraded my office PC. No one told me desktop was saved on the C drive. So when I tried copying and it told me 2675 minutes left I just gave up. Afterall the program files can be reinstalled, right? Right. Except not the desktop. Now I'm sans most of my projects since April.
Enjoying: This respite from thinking about the C drive mess until I have to explain it to my boss. Which I hope is never.
Waiting: For the weekend. This is going to be one long afternoon!
Liking: How awesome the Paple Rayn/Candle It launch was.
Wondering: Has no one really invented a time machine yet?
Loving: My bae.
Hoping: That my boss understands this honest mistake. (Hmmm, this post is really turning out to just be about that damn lost work!)
Marvelling: At technology. Where does deleted stuff really go? No, honestly think about it, there has to be someplace all this stuff ends up.
Needing: A vacation.
Smelling: Nothing. I'm currently battling a bad cold
Wearing: Thrifted pencil skirt.
Following:The cast of Orange Is The New Black on Instagram. I'm obsessed with this show, obsessed I tell you.
Noticing: How slow time goes when you can't wait to leave the office.
Knowing: That I have to be more consistent and hardworking with the blog and my other projects than I was in the first half of the year.
Thinking: About my other products in the Home Decor range.
Feeling: Antsy.
Bookmarking: Design blogs
Opening: Multiple tabs in my browser of various blogs I follow.
Giggling: As I scroll down the page

So what have you been up to guys? Any 2014 resolutions to fullfil before the close of the next 6 months? Also if anyone has a time machine that I can use to go back in time and back up my work, I'd be forever grateful.

CandleIt cupcake and star scented candles. Giveaway coming soon.

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  1. how did you get from not being able to spoil spags to roast chicken?! but atleast i don't have to worry about starving any more. also, i want that mirror for my bedroom.


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