Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blogger for Android App sucks

Happy 2nd half of 2014!!! This was supposed to be my grand return about being MIA for so long. I had a post drafted out and everything! Basically recapping whative been up to these past few months and culminating into the Paple Rayn Launch! This this genius app deleted instead of publishing!

I have never felt so let down by technology since I lost my final essay I'd worked on all semester on the morning of submission! It was all I could do not to smash my laptop and tear out my hair and run naked for thehills. This is a close second.

Anyhow I'll probably rewrite it and post it up but I had to post something today -  this year has flown by on Concorde level speed! Blink and we'll be in 2015! Have a great last 6 months of 2014 and if you know how to activate the autosave before publish option on Blogger for Android app please clue me in.

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  1. Woman, your comment section needs disqus. Just posted a comment which then disappeared in the process of publishing.

    Any way loved the Purple Rain event. And was so impressed by the fact that you corrected the excited people who came rushing to the candle table thinking they were queen cakes. Me, I would have def told them after their first bite, for my own private amusement.


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