Monday, November 17, 2014


My lover got married over the weekend and she slayed so hard, yours truly has been in a daze all day!
Suffice it to say all wedding inspiration pics that I've been collecting over the years have been deleted. Solange's is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, the middle and the end of all weddings!!! This wedding gave me life! Behold!

I am not worthy.*bows down*

This. THIS. THIS PEOPLE, IS HOW YOU BREAK THE INTERNET! Drops mic and walks off stage.

Wardrobe malfunction tried and failed to kill her vibe!

Ovary Shriek!


Why you have to slay so hard?

Bey's shoes doe *side eye*

Well if she wasn't going to marry me, at least she gave me a wedding to live for! I imagine all December bridezillas tearing their hair out 'cause they just know this is untoppable!


  1. She slayed and then some................... !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i wondered how u reacted to the wedding news but kept forgetting to i know! lol. she totally killed it tho! av never seen a wedding like that...ever!

    1. That wedding was the wedding to end all weddings! Just know her wedding pics joined my pinterest board which was full of her natural hair pics :D

  3. by the way have u seen the adorable vid of the mother-son dance?? cuteness overload

    1. That video made me wish I'd had a son in my teenage years... hmmm, maybe I'll adopt a 10 year old one of these days!


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