Thursday, June 18, 2015



I am always bemused when former classmates from Arch school seem surprised to find out that I run a personal style blog. I mean what is so shocking about that? As any design aficionado will tell you, there is a very close link between the disciplines of architecture and fashion.  Unlike most art forms say sculpture or painting, these two aren't merely concerned with the aesthetics of the finished product but its functionality too. *Form follows Function* is a mantra commonly heard during desk crits in studio and I bet you Tim Gunn thinks it too when he's giving sage advice to the aspiring designers on Project Runway.
 Bearing that in mind you can understand how impressed I was to find out that the modernist minimal masterpiece that is the Madhvani Glass Hall was the venue for  the 2nd Annual Purple Rayn Anniversary party! Let's all just take a moment to let the magnificence of the interior below sink in...

Talk about jaw dropping elegance.
Obviously this calls for the height of sophisticated fashion. I mean look at that gleaming floor, clearly nothing less than a 4 inch stiletto will suffice! And if you're going for the extra height now is as good a time as any to pull out that floor length gown! See what I mean? Architecure and Fashion; 2 peas in a pod.

Also the beautiful Suesanne Tusiime - the brains and talent behind Paple Rayn (you can read her interview about her business journey here) is planning to launch her Menswear label; The Paple Rayn Hub,  this very same night so I think this event is a must attend for all design lovers and fashion enthusiasts. Saturday July 18th guys, mark your calenders :) And come say hullo, I'll be the bespectacled lady in a floor length gown click-clacking my way up and down the hall trying to get the best pics for the blog :)

Off gown shopping now. Peace and Love.

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