Thursday, June 4, 2015


Happy New month guys! We are nearly half way through 2015 and it never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes now that I’m no longer in school! I have to say 2015 is shaping up quite well and while I’m still not 10/10 for my goals and dreams I did manage to tick off a few already.

Still to be ticked is my plan to write proper reviews of the books I’ve read and loved for the blog. I never have because the first read is purely for enjoyment and with so many books to read next I never get round to the second read. I know some people do it all in one read but I go through so many emotions, love such diverse and separate passages that I can’t possibly recall them all once I’m done.
With The Hakawati it was mostly an overwhelming feeling of awe and pleasure – Rabih Alameddine writes so beautifully, so eloquently, so bewitchingly that I just couldn’t wait until I finally figure out how to write a review to sing his praises on here. I loved so many aspects of this book but one of my favorite bits was right at the end when his mother, who is elegance incarnate, is holding dinner party guests in thrall with her panache when one of the ladies who was particularly in awe asks how she does it, how she oozes class without even trying. Of course she says she works hard at it but the questioner isn’t convinced. So after some practical advice about knowing your colours and what looks good on you etc she shares this story;

“…so my boy comes up with the wisest thing. He said, ‘Everything here is too big for me. I couldn’t grow into it.’ At first I thought he was talking about his physical size, so I tried to reassure him – it can’t be easy being small. But then I realized he was talking about something else. He really couldn’t make those clothes fit him. In his mind the Boss suit was made for that blond model, not him. And that’s the secret. Never wear clothes that are bigger than you unless you intend to grow into them. If you want to wear a great suit, either believe it belongs to you or you’ll look like you’re thirteen and wearing your mother’s clothes. Doesn’t that make sense? It’s the same in life. Never live a life too big for you. You either grow bigger to encompass it or shrink it to fit you. …”

I couldn’t agree more.  And I like that you have two options – to either grow bigger to fit that life, or to shrink the life to fit you. Both give you better results than forcing your way through a life you’ll never feel comfortable in. Now most people would obviously feel that shrinking life is a bad thing – I say not necessarily. Take Jack Gleeson for instance, playing Joffrey Baratheon brought him world wide fame that he just wasn’t comfortable with. So after his sojourn with Thrones he quit the small screen. He’s probably still acting; just not to as wide an audience, and you can bet he’s better off for it. Maybe Rob Kardashian needs to shrink his life to fit him – say move to Africa and open up a chain of dukas selling ArthurGeorge socks and lose all the paparazzi contacts he has. Maybe then he’ll find peace. Maybe. I’m just thinking out loud. And counting my blessings that I love the life I’m living. And looking forward to what the next 6 months have in stock for me.

Peace and Love dear reader – live the life that fits you.

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