Friday, May 22, 2015


I’m a girly girl. I like my frills and ruffles, ribbons and bows, and flounces galore. What can I say, I cut my reading teeth on medieval fairy tales - all corsets and full skirts and glass slippers. True I favour a more streamlined silhouette now than 8 year old me did, a midi jersey cowl neck shift over a slinky cleavage bearing floor length gown (or a Toddlers&Tiaras-esque travesty) any day, I still lean towards sweet feminine styles ergo 90% of my closet comprises of dresses and skirts. 

I can literally count the pairs of pants I own on the fingers of one hand and still have digits to spare. Actually as I type this I have just the lone pair of jeans and much as I keep planning to get a couple of others it hasn’t happened yet. I’m holding out for a pair like that of the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants where you look like you just got a Brazilian butt lift the minute you put them on. Otherwise I keep new pairs for about 2 months before I give them out 'cause they just never fit right.

Anyway originally for this challenge my go to look was tennis whites paired with some recently purchased Bata plimsolls (which are bound to feature on the blog soon 'cause I literally live in them) but then I figured this was as good a time as any to step out of my comfort zone. After all challenges are the spice of life, amirite? So I grabbed one of my gym vests, paired it with a boyfriend blazer and one of the few pairs of pants in my closet and added leopard print heels for that luxe factor. 

Topped off the look with a DIY visor cap that took all of 15 minutes to put together with scraps of Ankara material, super glue and an MTN Kampala marathon cap ‘cause I felt the sporty look was quite incomplete without a cap. I was losing the light by then so didn’t bother to complete the underside but I still have about 4 of these caps from past marathons so will give the Ankara DIY another go one of these days. So that was my take on this look. 

 Blazer: Gift|| Vest: Thrifted|| Pants: Thrifted|| Heels: PapleRayn (They're having their 2nd anniversary party coming up so I'll be giving away a couple of tickets to some lucky readers in the coming weeks.)
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Peace and Love.

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