Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Or Maroon. Or Burgundy. Or Masala as Pantone will say, depends on the lighting really. Lately I've gotten into the habit of planning outfit mood boards when I have a fancy occasion coming up. For the evening reception part of this wedding I was thinking red, midi length, body hugging, long sleeved or off the shoulder. Then the hunt for this perfect dress begun in earnest.

What I was hunting for.

What I ended up wearing :)

These mood boards were made way in time, I think 2 weeks to the date. A day to go and I still hadn't come close to finding the dress. Plus it was now to late to order something on line (not that I had ever successfully ordered from any online shop other than Amazon and Purple Rain) so I was getting nervous.And that's when lady luck smiled down upon me while I was in Mt. Zion picking up the hat, I spotted this burgundy dress in the store across the aisle! The speed at which I concluded my business with the sales lady and hightailed it over to my dress was for Kiprotich standards!

Hat: Mt. Zion
Earrings: Gazaland
Dress: Store opp. Mt.Zion (was to elated to notice it's name)
Belt: Gift
Clutch: Rainbow Arcade
Shoes: Mabirizi Complex

It wasn't that perfect a fit but I'm yet to have a personal tailor on call so I just improvised with a statement belt and voila, I was good to party!

Yes, I'm aware I just drew style inspiration from Kim. But you have to admit, she does get it right sometimes. And ever since I got curvier (yeah, let's go with curvier people) I tend to eschew the model types and look instead to bootyful ladies for style tips.

I'm an impulse shopper, so having a style in mind really helps me stay focussed. For now anyway.


  1. Oh I love what you picked. You looked gorgeous! I love the hat as well. Hats are currently on my must-have list :)
    Cara @ www.xocara.com

    1. Hats are lifesavers I tell you! I'm getting so much wear out of this one I'm planning to go back and get a couple more colours


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