Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I'm all about the Red + Blue combo lately
I have to start off with a confession;  my mum HATED this look. See the top is actually this dress I last wore 2 years ago and when I walked in (it was my muffin's grad party and I was seated at the high table) she immediately WhatsApped something along the lines of what a bore I was for cutting the dress!

Jewelry: Gift
Dress (worn as top): Gift
Skirt: Village Mall, Bugolobi
Shoes: PapleRayn

Thing is I didn't alter the dress one bit! Just wore this black ruched  skirt over it and added a red belt for the ultimate colour blocked ensemble. Finished the look off with leopard print ankle strap heels because with my red hair and electric blue *top* I felt any more colour would draw attention away from the graduate and that's surely a faux pas somewhere in the etiquette books. Right up there with showing up to a wedding in the same dress as the bride with hotter shoes - it happens.

Anyhow even after clearing up that misunderstanding with mum her sentiments vis-a-vis my outfit didn't improve much! What can I say, sometimes you're bond to have some misses. What matters is I felt good in it.

Very thematic, right? Given we are in the month of L.O.V.E and all. They can be customised though to have any letters of your choice.
In other news, I did the decor for the party right from the table set up down to the flower arrangements! Did I mention I had less than 2 hours notice and a little over that to come up with a concept (stars), colour scheme (red & cream) and get the shopping done and everything set up? Challenges are the spice of life I tell you.
I'm wondering if should put the vases up in my first give away for the year...they'd make for great home decor for V Day or even a gift for a loved one. What do you guys think?


  1. You did great with the decor, esp with the short notice and all! Also, I looove those shoes :D Hi Mimi
    Cara @ www.xocara.com

    1. Hey Cara! I'm totally going to show my mum your comment! Hahaha. You won't believe it but those shoes are hella comfortable too! Comfort and style are such an irresistible combination.

  2. Oh how I remember that dress! Multi functional dresses def for the win. Though my favorite thing here would have to be the shoes. I actually think I can rock those.


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