Tuesday, February 10, 2015


...red and blue life. I had never realised how often I gravitate towards this particular colour combination until just recently when I started documenting my personal style. Turns out most of my accessories are in one of these colours or the other.

Such as the hat here, and the belt in this one, and these very same shoes here.

Anyhow I like starting off my week wearing something bright and cheerful like the geometric print of this dress as I feel it sets the mood for that day and consequently the week.

Can you tell I just arm-twisted my coworker into taking these pics during our lunch break?

She was just snapping away like the paparazzo at a Kimye sighting! I only just barely managed to not have weird facial expressions in them all.

Earrings: Old I can't recall where I got them.
Dress: Random shop in Kireka
Jacket: Qualicel
Shoes: Mt. Zion

My photographer for the day was a very reluctant coworker who was beyond bemused at my insistence that yes, I needed her to take as professional a picture as she could! So she just snapped a million a second and insisted I was bound to find a couple that worked. Can't say I fault her logic :)

Couldn't resist including this one where I was in perfect sync with the mother and daughter in front of me! I'm cheesy like that sometimes.
Have a cheerful and bright Valentine week loves!


  1. Heheheheheheheehehehehhe, the logic surely worked :)

  2. Hehehe loving the last photo! And abt gravitating towards red and blue, at least it means you love colour. Whereas EVERYTHING of mine seems to be in pink :/ ha



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