Thursday, February 12, 2015


Valentine's is just a day away (!) and what's on every romantic's mind is where to go, what to wear, what gift to get that special person. True, there are those who claim they don't see what all the fuss about this one day is about but if you are like me, each and every excuse to give and receive gifts, indulge in a day of pampering, or even just an extra long cuddle session is pounced upon with both hands.

The rain on this parade though is that it's not recognised as a public holiday! (I dunno why on earth the powers that be decided thus, after all God himself did say Love was the greatest commandment.) It's on a saturday this year, but still someone us have to put in some hours at the office so I decided to do a quick shoot on how to switch up your office outfit for a date ready look!

This switch up revolves around accessories (small enough to carry to work in your purse) so you'll want to work around a closet basic such as this black midi dress. For the day look I paired it with simple flats and this colourful printed blazer to brighten the look up and simple pearl studs.

For the date look, I switched out the blazer for a long light cardi and the pearl studs for big red & gold hoop earrings. I find multi-strand necklaces so classy, always give me visions of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's so I usually add this one for a touch of elegance. Cinched the waist in with a red belt and to finish off the look exchanged my flats for these leopard print heels, took down my ponytail and shook the hair out. Not forgetting the red lip of course :)

Dress: Mr Price
Printed Blazer: Angel's Plaza
Cardi: Victoria's Boutique
Necklace & Studs: Gaza Land
Hoops: Gift from Suesanne
Heels: PapleRayn
I'm longing for a weekend gateaway celebration this year since I have all Sunday and most of Saturday to just soak up the love (wink, wink). Either that or a lazy day in, having not just breakfast but all the meals in bed (hey, you only have your birthday and valentines to be this indulgent so go for it)! You don't even have to get up and cook anything because online companies like Hello Food have got you covered! They are so organised and even have a pop up live chat with their In house Executive Foodie! I only wish they delivered to a wider range of areas. *Cough* Kampala *cough*.
I tried out Hello Food Ug sometime back while staying in Bweyogere and while they had a Kireka based restaurant offering deliveries, it only delivered to Ntinda and Naalya and not Bweyos which is practically a stones through away! The mind boggles, doesn't it?

Anyhow, enough about me, what plans do you have for this Valentines and what gifts do you wish to receive? If you're a blogger there's an exclusive bloggers giveaway over at one of the leading fashion blogs in Kenya, so you just might get an extra gift you hadn't counted on! Good luck to us bloggers and a fabulous Valentines to all!

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