Friday, February 27, 2015


… Oooh wee be-be freaky deaky
Think me see she pink bikini
Rock that groovy dye dashiki
Nefertiti, edges kinky
Sweatin’ out my blow out,
Sweatin’ out my press …

Today’s post was inspired by one of my favourite songs to work out to, Queen Bey’s 7 Eleven. It actually started out as a coincidence that I took out my braids just before we filmed a clip for our YouTube channel The Talk256 set at the pool and that’s how I found myself in a pink bikini with my edges kinky.

Couldn't help matching my lipstick to the wrap.

Flash forward to Monday when I just couldn’t be bothered to comb out my hair for work but was having a bad twist out hair day so I decided to just throw a head wrap on Nefertiti style (I didn’t take picks of this since the idea of a post hadn’t occurred to me yet but I wore a similar style here). Tuesday found me rocking the front bun and I challenged myself to do wraps for a week as a protective style and document the various styles on Instagram :)

Tuesday's look when I decided to document a week's worth of headwrap styles

The song was apt wasn't it? Wish Beyonce had rocked Solange type afros in the video (although really, that video was perfection). Have a lovely weekend loves and do share your go to tricks to surviving a bad hair day say after a heavy workout sesh and you're just sweatin' out that blowout ;)

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