Wednesday, March 4, 2015


This blue monochrome look might be my favourite for the month! Although the month has just started so really there’s not that much to compare it to. I wearing feather earrings, paired with a long sleeved tee with a quill emblazoned prominently on its front and an embossed peacock print box pleat skirt.

 And yes, I am aware how very matchy matchy it is. Reminds me of Lupita’s penchant of matching her nails to her dress to her clutch and shoes during her debutante awards season. It used to rub some fashion critics the wrong way – I’m looking at you Jessica Morgan –  and amuse the hell out of me!

ION, regular readers of this blog might have noticed that I don't do clutches/purses much unless for evening or formal looks. This is because half the time I'm lugging around my MacBook and a thousand other things in a navy tote bag (not the stuff of fashion blogs, right?). I don't understand how ladies fit everything they need for an 8 hour day in those tiny clutches! So to replace the clutch in my outfit post I'll include the book I'm currently reading. I'm almost always reading a book so this is bound to feature in a lot of posts!

Currently reading Catch 22 which has been on the bookshelf for years and I never got round to it til at a recent award ceremony carpet viewing, the Emmys or Golden Globes I think, the magnificence that is Jane Fonda worked that carpet like it was 1995 and she'd just released her workout tapes and D remarked how Joseph Heller named dropped her all over Catch 22! The look of surprise on my face was downright comical because I always imagined Catch 22 was like George Orwell's 1984 which I failed to finish! So hearing one of my faves was in the book was the very best incentive to get me to read it! I'm so persuadable that way :)

Tee - Gift from Andy
Earrings - DIY 
Skirt - was a dress that I cut and had tailored into skirt and croptop
Shoes - PapleRayn

I’ve only just started it though, Yossarian has just left the hospital because he couldn’t stand the Texan’s constant chatter. No mention of Jane Fonda yet (I sincerely hope that wasn’t a trick to get me to read it) but I’m just one chapter in so will soldier on.


  1. love your shoes :)

    1. Thanks Wanjiru. Ankle strap heels are some of my favourite things. Really liked the jewellery in your LOVERS post and the pics made me smile. Your schoolmates are the best.

  2. stunning.
    love those shoes .Great pairing

  3. Those are stunning heels. Beautiful ensemble.

    1. Thanks Sharon. That Yellow number was definitely worth retaking the pics, must have lent a burst of sunshine to all those 50 shades of grey, huh?

  4. I agree re.clutches I have way too much stuff to be carrying around. :)
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    1. Right? Love your blog meanwhile. Enjoyed reading the societal expectations post because I could totally relate.


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