Friday, March 20, 2015


The newly revamped African Woman Magazine has teamed up with Jumia Uganda to run a social media campaign showcasing unique Ugandan style dubbed #my256style where entrants post pictures under the hashtag and tag both @Africanwoman_magazine and @Jumiauganda to stand to win shopping vouchers with the online retailer.  Needless to say yours truly is giving it her best shot. Instagram link is to the left of this post.

I wore this pencil skirt and Tshirt combo to work and while it might not be the most unique pairing, I'm not about to get bogged down by the fine print if there's a shopping voucher to be won guys! Lord knows I have an endless list of shoes I'm currently coveting that my wallet just won't let me buy!

I love the stretch of the skirt since I find most slim fit pencil skirts tend to be sorta constricting.

I kept my accessories to the minimum because let's face it, the print in this skirt is the star of the show.

Mid shoot my friend Angelina spotted some peeping Toms through the grille so we had to change location in a jiffy! SMH
I didn't notice the new background was nearly the exact shade of my skin tone til I was uploading the pics so I played around with filters to create more contrast before I finally had to just accept that there's a paint colour in the world exactly like my skin and while it makes for good exteriors I probably shouldn't use it in my dream house :D

 Blazer - Doreen's boutique (Whatsapp orders +256 756 008550) || Tshirt - Borrowed from D's closet || Skirt - Victoria's Boutique, 2nd floor shop no.147, South Wing, Wandegeya Market (I hope you find the place @jewelkeera ;) || Flats - Qualicel

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Peace & Love.

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