Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I Wore

Aaah, finally the long awaited outfit post. (Yes, in my mind y'all keep checking back here on the daily wondering if I have put up a post yet. You, lovely readers, you! *Adorable cheek pinch to you all!*) 
Just to catch you up, despite this blog being about personal style (among many other wildly entertaining things), I happen to work for an ├╝ber-conservative boss who when I had just started here called me aside on more than one occasion to tell me my outfit was too *ahem* adventurous! I tried to keep a straight face. She did have some valid points, I guess, from her POV. But the technicalities of adventurous were never really addressed until I wore a neon print knee length shift dress, feeling very much like I own my personal style and won’t be fazed by strange looks thrown my way. That lasted until I checked my email to find a memo not unlike CBS’s Grammy one! Long story short, no neon, nothing that goes above the knees when I sit and cross my legs, no cleavage, nothing body-hugging or with high slits, and no heels over 3 inches! I kid you not. Never mind the fact that all my working-girl daydreams consisted of me dressed in exactly what she’d vetoed! And she tied it to my monthly bonus! (Kinda evil genius of her, non?) And I want 200% bonus so we have to make sacrifrices, OOTD posts will be few and far between L But Outfit of the Night/Occasion should definitely make up for this! \J/ Yay!

This are the most comfortable shoes I own. Its like my feet are floating on clouds! Ok, maybe that's  kinda exaggerating. But every time I'm not sure about the venue I'm going to (Grassy? Paved? Gravel? Indoors?) and how vigorous or not I'll have to booty shake, these babies are what I wear.
I went for amethyst accessories since the shoes had a hint of that on the platform and violet floral print. It didn't hurt that my spects happened to match the colour scheme too. Score!

This is what I wore on Saturday to Victor's wedding reception. Over slept and didn't make it to church so that outfit never got worn although I was going to wear a green halter-neck sheath. It is a conservative mid-calf length although the bottom is sheer. Oh well, another day I guess.  Had on a red manicure with floral nail art to match the print in the shoes. Went for red on my hands instead of the amethyst on the toes since I figured it would last from Saturday til today and this would be my nod to Saint Valentine. Had planned a tutorial too but realise if I include that and pics of what other people wore at the wedding this post will entail endless scrolling. So my take on style at Victor's wedding has been split into three. This (What I wore), the Nail Art tutorial, and What They Wore.

The Reject Pile: I'm one of those stereotypical girls that try on a gazillion outfits even though they have already zeroed in on what they want to wear! You know, just to be sure they aint leaving the better look behind. I hope I get to wear these someplace soon. Any of you have a wedding with an extra place setting, just leave a comment with the date and place!


  1. Just fell in love with the grey dress, can i have it?? The red one is super adorable.

  2. Just fell in love with the grey dress, can i have it?? The red one is super adorable.

  3. Hey Cece! Funny you should say that. I actually felt the "grey" (its actually more of a muted lilac. Blame my lighting and camera) was a bit too princessy for me and was thinking of including it in a giveaway I'm planning soon! So will let you know how and when you can win it! Thanks for reading. xox


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