Friday, February 8, 2013

NAACP Image Awards - I have thoughts

Loretta Devine, the beautiful and enigmatic Adele in Grey's Anatomy, suffered Kaley Cuoco's SAG Awards fate at the NAACP Image Awards. I feel like every thing I hated about Kaley applies here too;  Terrible fit of the dress, I don't even know what's happening with her hair (she looks like how distant aunties turn up for weddings overly made up to let everyone know that they are doing just fine, better than fine in fact, and that it's the bride's loss for not including them in the wedding planning), her makeup is an eyesore (haha, I'm so punny :)

Alzheimer's or not, Adele would never! It's like she's being swallowed whole by anaconda and she's inhaling deeply before letting rip an earsplitting scream!
On the other end of the spectrum we have her co-star Sandra Oh, who I believed was exactly like her character Christina (I mean, can you really act THAT good?) until I saw her in Ramona&Beezus where believe me you, she was a teacher! For kids! Oh, the irony! 

I love green. I love Christina! I love Sandra Oh. Im afraid even if this were made of sack I'd still love it to bits!
Meaghan Goode, though not like OMG best dressed, looked exactly how I want to look tomorrow. Considering my dress is that exact same colour and fabric though wildly different in design. So once I put my pics up next week, feel free to be the judge!

I'm glad she went back to long hair, didn't care much for her "Think Like A Man" hair
I'm currently reading Susan Cain's Quiet and in one of the chapters she said introverts like I are highly sensitive to stimuli etc and went on to give examples of how they prefer working on their own with few interruptions, or how they blush when accused of a crime even if they're not guilty, or how even the slightest change in temperature/volume/smell from the ideal upsets them so. Now, this wasn't one of her examples but when I saw Rue over here I remembered how when she was killed I started silently sobbing in the cinema for a good 5 minutes to the bemusement of my date. When I told him afterwards that I'd want a second viewing since I missed some bits, he generously agreed only for me to start sobbing before she was even killed because I knew what was coming! Yes, I'm that silly. And yes, I know there was no way she was going to survive the Games. Don't even get me started on the buckets I cry every time I watch Armageddon! So connecting the dots now, I guess I'm just being highly sensitive? Anyway, moving on to Amandla.

Isn't she the cutest? This time the odds were in her favour! Also her hair in Hunger Games was to die for! (I swear I never start the posts with the intention to be punny, but the puns literally write themselves! I need rehab)
Amandla Stenberg and Hailee Steinfeld are two of my favourite young hollywood. I want them to star in a movie (or series, I'm not picky) where they're, wait for it, sisters from different misters! Hmmmn, now who would play their Lorelai Gilmoresque mum?

You see it too, don't you? They could play sisters!

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