Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nail Art at the SAGs

First things first, I’m a big fan. Scratch that, I’m a huuuuuge fan of nail art. Probably the hugest! I can barely do a normal mani these days and given that most nail art is thematic, that means nearly every other day I’m using ethanol loaded remover on my nails.

My favourites were the galaxy and leopard print but the removal process is a bitch!

Now I haven’t googled yet whether this has any adverse effect but I’m beginning to suspect so cuz my nails have become so brittle! They literally tear off instead of breaking! Never thought I’d ever long for a broken nail. It’s that alarming. So to spare my little pretties further havoc and give them time to recover, I’m taking a break from the fun crazy designs and being varnish free for 21 days (I started a week back and keeping off until 9th Feb. when I have this wedding reception where I have to kill it! Hope by then I’ll have a camera to capture all the gorge fashion). Anyway, in the joyless interval of having ordinary nails, I’m living vicariously through a few silver and big screen stars and so without further ado * drumroll * presenting, nail art at the Screen Actors Guild awards. Who nailed it (you know I can’t resist puns) and who should get their Asian manicurist deported? Lets get to it!

Red or Black? Who is the queen of hearts?

I grouped these two lovely sweethearts Kelly and Kaley cuz they both went for a heart design. But while Kelly with metallic black hearts on the tips, Kaley went the other direction. I don't know if she's in the Valentine's mood early but pink hearts on red nails and a red tea length dress with match red shoes??? It's overkill isn't it? And her makeup was so unsuitable, it added 5 years to her! Now I'm not hating, I love Penny in TBBT but Kelly O won this hands down!

Then we have the pregnant belles (kinda - Anne is still just a rumour)

Busy looks as gorge as a preggers lady can hope to look and her bedazzled on beige is great but I'll take Anne's black lace butterflies on white! She looks divine! Love the head suit too.

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