Thursday, January 24, 2013

57th Inaugural Ball

You guys, I’m the worst kind of blogger. The procrastinating type. Once I start writing I can go on and on. The trouble is getting started. I've been online for like 3 hours blog trawling before buckling down to write this! On the plus side, this is how I get to know the good stuff. But I’m not going down the no-new-post-in-months road again, I’m going to start scheduling posts if I'm on a roll (like a rainy day stash for when my lazy gets the best of me) which apparently every tech savvy blogger days but I never did. So lovely beautiful clever reader, be assured of AT LEAST 2 posts a week! With that off my chest, lets proceed to my two cents about the Inaugural ball.

1. The First Daughters
I love these girls! And I know little more than just their names (and twitter accounts which I only started following yesterday after Ellen – who I follow – cc’d them on a twitpic of the three of them) Anyway, my imagination fills in the blanks: to me they are like Sam and Lucy from Meg Cabot’s All American Girl. If Sam was African American that is, and lived in the White House instead of merely dating the first son. Obvi Sasha is Sam. I think she’s the quirky playful one. I mean look at her expressions in these pics!!! Amrite or am I right? She’s a hoot! 

She's so genuine and this makes me love Michelle! Mrs O is superwoman!

The yawn that went viral

Malia, all statuesque and older and so much of her mother is naturally like popular cheerleader Lucy. *sidebar* But you guys, let’s be honest for a moment here, isn’t Malia the personification of perfection? It's like her parents got the most lauded genetic engineer who ever lived to devote his entire life to identifying and harnessing the best aspects of Mr & Mrs O, figure out the right measure of said aspects that was necessary for one not to overpower the other (although I think Michelle won a bit here) and came up with the magical formula to make Malia. Forget Suri’s scientology lab/alien parentage conspiracy theories, I think the child we should all be studying is Malia <_< (I kid, I kid! At least I'm not as bad as these guys with what seems like POTUS & FLOTUS erotic fan fix novel in the works! Seriously!)

She looks/acts older than her 14 years!

Ok, now she's acting her age but in a Tyra Bank's random-acts-of-modelling way

2. Michelle
What can I say that the other 699347 katrillion opinionated internet users haven’t said already? Well, I hope in the event that I have my babies in my forties (I think that’s when I’ll be a selfless grownup ready to look after another) that hula hoop sessions will be enough to get me into this shape. Also, yay the bangs!

You Michelle, pout and adorable kids and all, are my everything!

3. VP JB
This guy confuses me! Consider me firmly straddling that fence between thinking he’s the hottest politician this side of 60 and that he needs to live a sedentary life already before his dentures fall out mid speech one of these days. I have two friends who don’t have any such qualms which group they fall in. Although they're on different teams incidentally. One thinks Clinton is the hottest grandfather figure she ever had immoral thoughts about, while another thinks JB is as silver foxish as they come! I present the evidence, be the judge and jury.

I conclude that it depends on the lighting, backdrop and camera lens!

4. Everyone/Everything else
What on earth is going on with this SS lady’s uniform?!? Is she a nun who moonlights as an agent? I know for a fact they don’t all dress this way! Seriously, doesn’t this hinder swift movement in time of danger? Or is it made of bullet proof cloth that the 1st pet Boo can hide underneath and be swished away to safety?

Madam, what storeth you under yonder tent skirt?
(Or is it the gown version of the SS uniform ???)

This is a Hawaiian greeting apparently. 

I'm like Kanye were Bey is concerned, so what if she lip-synced??? She did the best lip-sync of all time.  ALL TIME!
Also, Mrs.Robinson looks gorge in Peaches n' Cream
*Bonus GIF 
I had to show you Malia photo bombing  Sasha as she attempted to take a kiss pic of Michelle and that lucky guy who had the sense to marry her.

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