Thursday, January 31, 2013

SAGs best dressed (and Lincoln eye candy ;)

*Disclaimer *
I’m super swamped with work today since yesterday our dearest president declared an unscheduled public holiday. (Hoot hoot!) Which was a blast! I got to go out for poetry in session at Fas Fas which I almost miss 'cause of having work the next day. Anyway, now I'm paying for the day off, I'm basically doing double work today. Barely a spare second to blog. So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.

As usual with award shows, once I start recapping red carpet fashion I can never stop so narrowed it down to my best dressed. (Y’all know who my worst dressed was *ahem, Kaley, ahem* ) Sue Sylvester just blew everyone else out the park for me. This is not necessarily the best dress mind, but its who unexpectedly looked best in what she wore. Like better than they've ever looked ever! EVER!

Black, Gold, Leather, Studs, Hoops!!! Girlfriend is over 50 but she wore the hell outta this! *Swoon*

I’ve never seen Jane Lynch look this pretty! Her hair is the best I’ve seen it in ages! Also that makeup artist needs a raise! That work is practically doctor 90210! Clearly marriage agrees with her. Wow!

Now to make up for the brief post, I leave you with Lincoln’s DDL

Rwooor! I love how the fact that his nose is off centre makes him look handsomer! Or maybe that's just cuz I'm smitten and he can do no wrong! I'd be the Mary to his Abe any day!

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