Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sol Angel - and the stuff my dreams are made of

File this under "I love her so much I wanna eat her!!!" I don't know if it was by accident or by design but Solange has come to embody the epitome of the quirky, cool celeb you think you could be friends with and totally raid her closet if we lived in a utopian world where all my dreams came true. I could wax poetic for ever over her hair, and make up, and adorbs son, and style but i would never do this desperate all consuming girl crush justice! How much do I love Solange? The only time the idea of having babies doesn't give me major freak-outitis is when I picture having babies with her! You read that right.

Thought I was kidding, screen grab evidence, my entire pinterest is solely of repins of this angel among mere mortals. That multicolour jacket and hot pink clutch ensemble? I'd kill for it. Literally. But something small and useless like a kamuje

Restricting this post to only her losing you video in the interest of my sanity and Blogger’s policies. From the start of this prints galore (bricks, dots, checked, paisley, floral…the way they should be done not a la Martha Jabo) vid to the end I was having fashorgasms  left, right, centre and everywhere in between! Behold!

Seriously, what’s not to love? Her Hair is giving me a reason to live! All the high fashion cheery bright suits against that back drop of bourghetto South Africa? Genius! The braids on that girl… Oh mercy me! *Takes a breather from blogging and indulges in short daydream where she is said braided friend of Solange…aah, the pure unbridled joy! *

The picture I'll forever use as reference whenever I'm gonna get my braids done.

And for the sweet sweet love that song itself makes to my ears? Let’s just say my boyfriend has reason to be jealous.

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