Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the web in nifty ways

I have had the busiest week! And then my internet went AWOL. I just couldn't catch a break. Which is why I haven't posted in a while. And why when I finally got online I went trigger happy with the tabs. Catching up on my reading...
I know I always try to incorporate my sources in my blog posts but sometimes (like today) I'm too busy reading (seriously, I have like 3 windows open and 10 tabs running in each!) that I run outta time to write an entire post so I’m introducing a new post category; around the web in nifty ways! Which in case you want it spelled out will be a compilation of sites that give me convo topics over cocktails with friends (or strangers. These are the best J)  I just needed it to be catchy so made a word play on Jules Vernes. I had originally settled on "around the web in 8 links" before giving up on finding a synonym for link that is phonetically harmonious with day. So we're stuck with this.

Speaking of Jules Verne, I fancy myself a Vernian. I mean, I obviously haven’t studied him or anything and sometimes get his Captain Nemo with the one from LXG mixed, but you gotta admit that in retrospect theres a lot more fact than fiction in his work. And he couldn’t have known! Unless he had a time machine! Which just proves my point!

  • Lets kick this off with some fashion insights. Do you know who Thom Browne is? Well, Michelle Obama does so get with the program.
  • I met this guy through a mutual friend, (and by met I mean we became Facebook friends because I liked his comments on her TL, he just seemed like my kinda guy) and since then he continues to blow my mind with his writing and acting. The concept of one man plays is always hard to execute right? He makes it seem easy
  • And in case you already read the Man Repeller but missed this gem about the Do's and Don'ts of texting while single , you're welcome
  • Still on the subject of the Man Repeller posts you probably missed but totally need to read, there's one about Lena Dunham. Need I say more?
  • I have started this challenge but I just know Rory Gilmore would be disappointed with my progress
  • I conclude this first instalment of around the web in nifty ways with the best DIY blog I know.

This is a page from Woody Allen's The Whore of Mensa. Now I wanna read it so bad. Also I wish doing what that girl did was a legit career path.

And if you're into film and architecture like yours truly, this one is for you. 


  1. The blog actually tackles things that I am interested in but never really get the time to fully explore. Sop ya, will definitely keep reading. But throwing in a few pieces for guys wouldn't hurt.

    1. Hey Anon! I take it you're a guy, right? Thanks for reading. Will definitely diversify my content now that I know you're out there :) Til then, check out this link of the Oscars ballot process, so much more biased than I anticipated (although this is just one voter... but I take him to be representative of the rest)


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