Friday, February 8, 2013

Styling 1

I haven't used Polyvore to plan an outfit in a while, in fact come to think of it, not since planning my graduation outfit! But since I'm reinventing myself as Uganda's fashion voice of my generation (yes, I went there. These bold self proclamations seem to work for Lena so I might as well get with the program), I need to clearly put more thought into what I put on. So for tomorrow I took to Polyvore to figure out how to style the two dresses I'm weighing. Clearly the Red seems more inspired but with Valentines round the corner I think it's a tad on the nose to rock up at a wedding dressed that way.
So like I said in previous post, Blue seems like my choice tomorrow :)

Not so bold a statement are they? Clearly I need to revamp my closet asap. Which reminds me, I was reading ThisisEss yesterday and she was whinnying how her biggest fashion issue is that she wants everything! Like that starving guy that walks into a restaurant and wants everything the diners at the next four tables are having. (Hmmn, I only have that issue when it comes to guys on the red carpet)
My fashion peeve is space! I live for the day I will get that Walk-In closet Big gave Carrie! I mean! *wills self to calm down* The things I won't own!

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