Monday, February 18, 2013

The Obligatory Grammys 2013 Fashion Post

Perfection, thy name is Solange.

If you think I'm going to do a best dressed post about an event Solange attended and she doesn’t come out tops you obviously don’t know her sartorial epicness, or you probably doubt the depths of my girlcrush on her! It is fathomless...Without fathom, to quote Megamind. Why do you think I put off the post until I could get a better pic of the dress than this? (And had actually watched the show for myself instead of vicarious through twitter)

Whatever was going on with her face in this pic, you can't deny she nail the natural make up look!

Homegirl delivered in a sparkly green Ralph & Russo couture gown. Other stars' stylists shoulda been taking notes. Hey Katy Perry, this is how you do green. Though Florence Welch wasn’t too bad either.

Jlo, girlfriend, this is how they leg bomb! Not that legless dress which I thought was half bodysuit and therefore spent a shameful amount of seconds thinking how your bathroom breaks would go! (Settled on Amanda in Ugly Betty method while stuck in the latex tube, right?) 

Doesn’t hurt that Solange paired that gorgeous gown with a wildass curly Fro (whoever was sitting behind her must have hated her guts!!! Hehe!) and red hot studded Loubs. If all my years as a green loving faux redhead have taught me anything, its that you can't go wrong with that combo.

*Side bar* I saw a pic of model Jourdan Dunn out partying with Rihanna this weekend in a similar pair and she looked like she had borrowed hers? She just wasn't standing/walking right in any of the pics! 

Right? Something is a little off. She looks like they pinch.

Solange had a busy last week  and yet nailed it every time! (Although that pant less white ensemble is responsible for a long debate I had with myself...I'll spare you the details, just know the pros list was longer)

She glows, doesn’t she? Marry me Solange and let's give Jules some adorbs siblings

Honorable mention. 

Kudos to Adele for not wearing black for once. I'm sure we were all thinking whats up with that!?! Sting representing for the silver foxes. This is for my friend who can’t get enough of them, you know who you are! JA
*Slow clap for Kelly* Now this is how you say "up yours" to nonsensical memos. I was watching the red carpet with a guy friend and he had to remark how they must have sawn the dress on her body because there was no room for error, any slight movement offcenter and CBS cops (or whoever they had in place to reinforce the rules)would swoop in with scarves and jackets and cover her up!

Worst dressed? There's always one, isn't there? Even if she adhered to the memo, Lisa D’Amato missed the boat by a mile!!! What is she even wearing? A milkmaid crossed with a candy cane? Does she work in Dr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium? I like her new nose though.

I like her new nose though.
Notably missing? Lady Gaga. What is the Grammy's with no egg hatchings or meat dresses??? You guys, how old is mother monster if she's already getting hip replacements? I worry for our generation!
And I'm definitely upping the ante on my yoga!

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  1. *Solange is afierce!!* is what that ANTM viewer should have said at the beginning of every episode. Seriously, her afro and that outfit is giving me life ande energy needed to tackle my day.The only thing that bugs me is that she hasn't been nominated for a grammy yet. She is one of the most underrated artists.


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