Thursday, February 28, 2013

Biker Chic

Lets all start off this post by moaning the fact that I have THE WORST camera in the history of blogsville! All the wide scope pics showing the entire outfit are blurry and the near ones I swear are so clear I wanted to cry! It has to be the camera's fault because I had a great photographer!  But anyway, at least we got a few usable shots.

There was this huge monster bike parked at Legends that was just the perfect prop for this post but what-can-I-say, I need to start saving for a good cam...
Was out Saturday with a couple of groups of friends, first bunch we linked up at Sylvia Owori's Garden City boutique because I was naively under the impression that her end of the month Late Night Shopping gig still entailed a fashion show and I was ready to finally give this Front Row girl in me her moment to shine! Instead they were having a twitter party! Seriously, whichever PR person came up with this needs to revisit their research. Underwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it!
Also I feel her place got smaller? And the stock...I dunno you guys, is she still allowed to put 150,000UGX price tags on repurposed jeans??? Feels kinda delusional but then again I'm clearly not her target market, I can DIY most of this stuff from downtown finds...just saying. Bad Black and her posse on the other hand woulda had a field day.

Dress- Forever 21, Jacket - Gift, Earrings - Gaza Land, Rings - some Chinese shop opposite Mutaasa Kafeero plaza

I'm working on my impulse shopping ways but some finds are too good that you just can't leave them behind! Had gone to the shop to buy my mum jewellery for a Kwanjula, you know - the big showy kind. But obvi I browsed every shelf in the place and the minute I saw this double finger ring I just had to have it! And the great thing about this place is the more stuff you buy the higher the discount you get (these Chinese know their business, I tell you) so I didn't even exceed my budget that day :) 

This cross body bag looks so legit, right? All red leather and gold clasps! bet you wouldn't believe it cost me about $2 at a flea market in Entebbe

I love these boots! This pic does not even begin to do them justice but I had to use it cuz my legs look gorge! I wear them with EVERYTHING. Will feature them in another outfit post real soon!

After the waste of time that was Owori's Twitter party we grabbed a bite a Mokka Terrace (couldn't dare take pics with this impersonator of a cam) then went separate ways for the night. Me to Legends on the other side of town to link up with bunch 2 'cause I'd told them the Owori thing wasn't worth coming for. Luckily I had to dressed right for all this journeying considering after D dropped me off to join his friends at Bubbles, I was to fend for myself til home time.


  1. The outfit is gorgeous but it kills me that your biker chick get up lacked a bike to go with. I mean you seem like the sort of person who likes to have fun-in more than one place.-Advice on top of saving for a camera you should include a scooter. Imagine yourself swiftly bee-lining through the traffic, turning heads as you wizz by the pedestrians and drivers. Plus no more walking down from Mokka to take a taxi all the way to Legends. And to top it all off-you'll have gotten an accessory for your biker chick out fit.

    1. Lol, believe it or not I've always wanted a scooter...but its way down on the things-to-save-for list. Way down. In the meantime lets hope there always moister bikes at my disposal when I go biker chic. xoxo

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  3. The photog who took these photos OmG!!she is so good,I declare she is the next Patrick Demechelier(?).Jokes aside,the pics came out better than expected,which might have something to do with how well they are arranged. And after that night,I have so much respect for fashion bloggers.SO MUCH RESPECT!As for the fashion,you know me,I love an outfit with contrasting themes and I think the whole tough and girly look was perfectly done.Also,the jacket and boots,was and will always be a fan.

  4. I really love this dress Marvis.
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