Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Tweets while watching E!'s Academy Awards Red Carpet

*I actually didn't tweet these, spent the entire night leading up to the awards reading about how the stars prep for the Red Carpet (will post some links of this on Friday) that I had finished my bundle by the time E!'s cameras started rolling! Ugh. I still composed the tweets as I watched and figured since they never saw the light of Twitter day, why not live on here right?*

  • Octavia Spencer looks gooooood. Why doesn't Adele's stylist have a word with her stylist
  • Zoe saldana is around for “Words” and killing it! Her dress is nominee-worthy!
This girl. knows. her. gowns!

  • Sally Fields hates talking on the phone like I do. Texting wins everyone. Especially if you're texting DDL as Abraham Lincoln. 
  • Jhud’s hair looks so wiggy! Oh, had forgotten she's a past Oscar winner! Something Bey would never forget. Of course now she’d never be able to pull off Efie!
  • Jlaw couldn’t reach the mani cam cuz of the structuring of her Dior haute couture gown.
Apparently People Mag correctly predicted that JLaw would wear this exact Dior, go big or go home! And this was huge! Even when she reached over to hug KStew there was like over a foot between them! I liked her Vanity Fair after party dress better but its probably too "simple" to accept the award in.
     *   I feel like I've seen Kelly O’s dress before...on her.
  • The difference between Amanda Seyfried’s body now and back when she did Mean Girls offers the best proof of the transformative power of Fame & Fortune! 
  • As always, Kerry Washington's lips distracted me from everything else. There's just something about them! They're like Mary. There's something about Kerry's lips. Also have I seen her gown before?

* La Seacrest really is the best in the game! But why isn't Guiliana on the RC too??? At least         manning the Mani Cam.
  • I think we can all agree that Chris Tucker wins the award for best chosen return to the big screen.
  • Zeta Jones always looks the same! Which is flawless. And it doesn't hurt when she accessories with that silver fox of a hubs.

* Helen Hunt is wearing H&M, clearly she knows her chances of winning are less Jlo joining a convent.
  • Oh Lord, Charlize is killing that pixie cut! What secret sorcery is this?! This woman is like the sun, everyone around her just faded away!
  • JChas looks amazing, that sheath was obviously custom made just for her. Best dressed for me for sure.
I couldn't find a pic of the back or what she changed into but she nailed the Old Hollywood Glam she was going for!

*Haven’t really seen Hathaway’s dress well yet but it looked a bit meh for me?  It is meh! And the darts at the breasts make it look like her nipples are gonna stab you!

I wanted to show you guys this nippletastic Prada from all angles and stances: hands on hips =nipples, hands at sides =nipples, from the guessed it = nipples! and then she goes and highlights them with that finger gesture in the second pic *smdh*. At the after party she changed into Saint Laurent that was basically the same silhouette but with fewer nipple darts.
I found a quote that summed up what we all kinda hope she was thinking “I dreamed a dream in times gone by, when nips were shy, and did my bidding. Then Prada traced my aureolae; I dreamed that blogs would be forgiving.” -Heather @fuggirls
  • Also I wouldn’t put on a necklace with that neckline.
  • Apparently she chose it 3 hours before rocking up on the RC? I’m beginning to understand all the Hathaway hate now you guys.
  • Naomi Watts went for the interesting look, finally someone gets it. Everyone else has been a disappointment for me thus far. Armani Prive for the win!
Naomi kept up the metallic theme for the after party while Amanda kept her choker and went for red. But her bod you guys, it's like they took her Mean Girls head and planted in on someone else! Bodysculpting is a real thing I guess, so  I'm adding kickboxing to my 30mins yoga routine.

  • Charlize is in Dior couture, I wish JLaw had gone for this in like a colour. Even gold would do. She looks so good. And towers ever so high over Seacrest.

Confession: Once upon a time long gone, I really didn't get all the fuss over her looks! Looking at the evidence before my yes I wonder what mind-altering drugs I was on back then!

  • Guiliana's hair and makeup is on point! She's in black again. It's like there are just 5 colours on the red carpet, white, nude, red, black and a variation of metallics.
These were the few few colours on the RC, I didn't even see any of them arriving or talking to secret except Kerry.

* So funny how only Guiliana and Kelly have the bedazzled mikes. I bet Kimora threw a mini fit before going on or did an eye roll at the very least.
  • Ok, now they're showing just Guiliana's huge table so I'm heading to bed.
I actually didn't see any of these guys on the Red Carpet but Nina and Halle look good! On the other foot, we have Jim Carrey being bigfoot??? and Sookie wearing the least flattering gown ever, even Adele wouldn't touch this even if it were black! 

There end my tweets. I guess you've all seen the awards by now but you know no post of mine about an event Solange attended is complete without her so...let this brighten up your week guys. xoxo

Kruger's shoes are on my to-buy list if I win the lottery or marry Pacey or something...

And if I had a second choice of who to marry if Solange turned me down, it would be Joshua Jackson. Seriously I spend long nights figuring out which of his three most famous personas I love the most, the man himself, Peter Bishop, or Pacey Witter??? 

The rest I'll get back to you after watching the actual Awards and not just the RC. But I know JLaw tripped and fell so here's a goodbye GIF!

**Edited to add:
Apparently according to Yahoo, Hathaway ditched Valentino last minute because when she asked Seyfried to  IM her what she was wearing it turned out to be so very similar to her choice!
I'm giving this serious side eye, never before have I heard of Valentino and McQueen being grouped as similar. Who asks their co-star to send them a pic of what they're wearing the night before yet they had all those days after the nominations to get it out of the way? Isn't it the stylists' job to avoid these sartorial nightmares anyway? And lastly Anne, why only ask Seyfried? Is there a history of you guys wearing similar gowns that the internet ignored to document? Serious side eye I tell you. <_< (in other news, that smiley, previously used by yours truly to mean side eye could very well be a representation of the bodice of her Prada gown.)


  1. Zoe and Charlize! WOW!! doesnt even cut friend was beefing Adele's style..clearly u've shed some light

    1. I'm sensing you have a thing for white Karen... As for Adele, you guys she's like Taylor Swift circa 2011 with all her nude and glittery gowns. There's having a style ref:Lana Del Ray and then there's what these people do! I just don't get it, you have all these designers dying to dress you and you choose the same silhouette over and over?

  2. 1-Charlize Theron>the entire human race. Jackson's mom is representing our continent,yes Lord!(can you tell am a tyist?)2-Naomi Watts wins the red carpet!!and even though not a fan of the hair,I get that had it been slicked back,she would have looked like a futuristic alien 3) J-Law and that Dior gown,for why?! Anne Hathaway's dress was as if a home ec project.She is better than this!4)SSOOOLANGEEE!!!5)Zoe Saldana,I can't with her eversince she took up the Nina Simone role 6)and this is v.highschool of me,but I have to point out that I loved Pacey before u ever did,u were heavily into Walker,and Joshua's turn in that modern remake of Romeo and Juliet had me thinking he was my Ryan Gosling before Ryan Gosling. Anyway,you need to watch that movie with a mind of a sixteen year old.That's my favorite character of his.

    1. I feel like this should be answered in the same vein it was posted so here goes;
      1) Have you even watched Fringe??? I swear sometimes Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson makes direct eye contact with me through my laptop screen and we share a conspiratorial wink over Walter's antics. As for the Walker over Jackson phase when we watched Skulls, that was residual fandom from She's All That. Also what remake of Rom Julz are you talking about? The one with Leo?
      2)I like Zoe's style so much because it is so removed from her days of getting lower billing than Sisqo in a movie! She gives me hope!
      4)Someone asked JLaw if she was afraid she had peaked too soon and her comeback "well, now I am!" was so perfect I'm beginning to suspect her publicist scripts/stages all this stuff, right down to tripping at the oscars, etc so people fall in love with her more instead of hating on her achievements. I mean...
      5)Hathaway, read the link I added to the edited post.
      6) Naomi Watts came on and I was like "yes, yes, yes!!! I finally have a best dressed based on the look alone and not because I enjoyed their performance in The Help and ZDT."
      7)Charlize *pause to compose tumultuous and conflicting emotions by self* Charlize.

  3. In the movie Joshua Jackson is 16, and coupled with the role(modern Romeo,forbidden love,mid nineties,romance), it might get abit Taylor Swift robbing cradles-esque. Hence,pretend you're sixteen again. Zoe Saldana's dress,I need to go back and proper analyze it. As I said, after the Nina Simone debacle,I just tend to ignore her.


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