Friday, June 14, 2013

A medley of this and that.

I have been so busy lately trying to come up with a proposal for a nationwide architectural design competition that I literally had no free time! I'd just get home to tired to even have dinner or shower (what, I spend all day indoors *defiant look*) and just hit the sack! So of course my proposed set design series had to wait a bit. In the meantime...

When first I saw Claire Julien's outfit I was prepared to hate it! I thought she was wearing a plain nude halter neck dress beneath the embroidered shorter netted one. Then I realised the embroidery was on the nude dress and that it had a sexy low back while the top dress just had visible seams and that cross thing going on in the front. And that was when I fell in love. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect long sleeved net dress to throw on to of my skin bearing clingy dresses in an attempt at false modesty. Genius.

Can't hardly wait to watch the Bling Ring if only for the fact that it gave Paris Hilton a legit reason to show up on the Red Carpet again. And also to see Emma Watson play a spoiled hollywood kid which i think a part of me actually wants her to be. But not the kind that robs Paris because...come on.

Whi is this perfectly made up and coiffed lady with nary a mismatched shoe and satin lips purse in sight???
Also Helena Bonham Carter covered British Vogue and she looked divine if a lot unlike her eccentric self. What with having separate but adjoining homes with Tim Burton I'm convinced real Helena is mixture of the characters she plays - equal parts Bellatrix, the murderess in Demon Barber, and the queen of hearts. So great cover but gosh, I can barely see HER in it!

Now this is the HBC we all know and love. 

Speaking of Tim Burton collaborators, Johnny Depp turned 50! He looks more and more like the 60 year old man I'm supposed to marry in 10 years time. Just saying.

I mean ... right?

This is the perfect mix of Indiana Jones and nerdy professor. 

I don't even hate the moth eaten T-shirt beneath that cardy that looks like a cross between a leather vest and a granddad sweater. Which says a lot about his face because this shit is terrible.

No thanks. Even I draw a line somewhere
This jacket!!!!!! Seriously? How much work does this guy put in to look this horrible??? And most importantly, why?

I take back what I said, 50 year old Johnny Depp looks nothing like my future hubby!

Also the CFDA Awards happened and the folder has been sitting on my desktop for so long I can't caption all the pics. Nicole Richie was my best dressed. Was happy to see Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in the same room outside of Project Runway and imagined them critiquing then RC outfits as if it was what the Project Runway designers had spent a day labouring over. Anyway I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Off home to watch The Face! Laters reader(s)!

Someone ought to make an Academy Award size wax sceptre of her and dip it in gold and let that be the new statuette for some achievement or something because this perfection deserves to be replicated, immortalised and displayed!

Miranda Kerr was my next best dressed. I immediately scoured the inter webs for images of her from all angles and saved them in my DIY folder. Now looking for the perfect batik print to DIY a similar look.

Karlie's hair looks so slicked with gel and immobile in this picture. Like a seal.

A little disappointed Nina Garcia went in for pants when obviously she had a selection of custom made gowns to choose from. I mean, whats the point of being a judge on Project Runway if you can't set your important red carpet looks as challenges for the designers.

I'm in a very shorts wearing mood lately so I'm loving this look!

Wet Seal. And now her bodice looks like an oil spill. Her mani though is to die for!

Menswear Award winner Thom Browne (almost typed Thom Mayne. Those two should design for each other, Mayne the tasteful sustainable home and Browne the cutting edge menswear of course.) and Matt Crawley with his cool shoes were pretty much the only guys worth discussing. But like I said, I've been scrolling through this gallery for so long I'm all worded out.

Vergara though... how we've come a long way from the blonde days of "Chasing Papi"

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