Thursday, June 6, 2013


First of all, yay! Sometime during the last month my blog finally cracked 1500 page views and I caught it! Considering its just 4 months old and I've never taken to social media there's still hope to garner views in the hundred thousands and make this my full time job. Speaking of job switches...

These are photos of three views of office sets and one of a living room set of a critically acclaimed legal drama

My dad and I were talking about my career prospects the other day because at the moment I’m so dissatisfied with architecture in Uganda (mostly because clients just don’t appreciate the profession enough? And those that do are the big scale companies that want to put up a school or hospital or hotel. These pay good and give you leeway with the design and all but they are not about to hire a graduate architect with less than 5 years experience! Now, I know I know; I have to do the time and wait my time. I was never good at waiting though and I think my attention has already started to flit because…) I told him what I think would put the beat back into my heart would be designing interiors of like private jets and tour buses and luxury yachts! That sure tickled his bones! He’s like “you’re complaining about hoteliers not hiring you and you think a yacht owning billionaire would?”

The strength and elegance of the female senior partner is brought out by a classic mix of reds and neutrals in her office. I specially love the red vases as centre pieces!

Another view of the same office. Classy, right? Again, a clever mix of reds and neutral tones!

The guys get darker tones... stained wood furniture, black leather seats...I love the subtle implication of power. Suitable for all the mind games this guy does!

I stand by my “Why not?” because in the latter case it’s really about taste not so much about can you put up the bid security of 50m and do you have a renowned team of consultants you work with and how impressive is your portfolio of previous projects, yadda yadda yadda.

Calm blues and neutrals for the single working mother with two children. They just set the mood with just a few carefully selected pieces of furniture and colour matched wall paper! Who wouldn't want this job?!

Anyway, at some point in this conversation the talk shifted to how sparsely furnished and uninspiring the BBA house is this year! And that’s when I had my eureka moment! Set Design! *ding ding ding!*

Did you guess the TV Show? I had wanted to talk about each office design and all but figured why limit myself? Why not make this a regular blog series...and so I will. Wait for the next instalment of my set design dreams and the TV Shows/Movies that inspire them! And if you do not watch the Good Wife, just take my word for it and buy the entire 4 seasons! (Ha, that sounds like I meant buying the hotel!) Thank me later!

I think this would be challenging, stimulating and rewarding in equal measures! Obviously, my sights are set on Hollywood but in the meantime (next 2, 3 years?) I can settle for these Ugandan TV shows cropping up everywhere. Lord knows they missed the mark - even if the mark was humorous irony - having an HB Toxic poster hanging up in Patra’s hostel room!


  1. I almost guessed "The good Wife" but I just couldn't recognise any of the furniture pieces; shows how much attention I pay to the architecture on tv. I should pick up that ability again;seeing as i get most of my inspiration from tv. tv. precedents it is.

  2. I mean Grand Designs and A List Listings aside, there's really a load of inspiration to be got from almost every show. My favourite is actually Leonard and Sheldon's apartment because I imagine most rentals in Uganda are roughly of the size and layout.


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