Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm still here...

...not dead yet :) Just overworked. Sorry for the silence, suddenly found myself with too many things on my plate this month! I didn't really release my twice a week blogposts had dwindled to such a sorry state that twice a month would be a more apt description until a friend asked if I'd given up on the blog! (Highly unlikely since this is how I'm going to become a household name!)

Anyway, so about that competition I was working on, I went through! Yay! But...wait for did my firm! Which is such a double edged sword! Now I have twice the workload and half the time because I have to spend my 8 - 5 doing company work, my 5 - 7 brainstorming with my colleagues how to approach this and my nights thinking of how to do it on my own! Confused yet?

So how about my lunch breaks you say? Oh, those. Huh, I took it upon myself to help a colleague with their dissertation - sourcing for reference material for their case studies to be exact. This involves me going to the Statistics library across town in lunch hour jam! Are you feeling my pain yet?

It gets worse, I'm job hunting. Yes, searching and interviewing for new placements while still keeping down my current bird in hand until the bush produces the two its hinting on having. How is this going? Well, I'm blogging from my old desk same as always.

Obviously I'm not complaining over just 3 things though. Nope. Not me. I happen to be part of a charity group that helps underprivileged  orphans and I start off each month saying I'm going to play a more active role. June started off great, we visited the orphan one evening and made note of what had to be improved and how to raise the money. But since then, all brainstorming meetings coincide with my site visits or my competition meetings or my market trips...I've failed to make a single one!

Then there's this private Interior Design job for a 10 bedroom mansion I was just about to complete before the client decides to relocate and convert the house to a bed and breakfast! I'm back to square numero uno. I'm tempted to let the commission go, but only slightly... I'm half hoping I can outsource this to an intern maybe? Hmmm, but then again I want it to be my design, my creation, my signature throughout those rooms!

And then, just when I thought I had figured out how to juggle all these, an offer I couldn't decline dropped into my laps! I'd been angling to get into the wedding decoration market ever since my old schoolmates started getting married off like flies! So when this church acquaintance asks if I can handle a 250 person intro and reception job on a $400 budget I said of course I could! So I quickly drafted up an idea board and everything... I loved the Ankara theme so I made sure to sell the bride to be on it! She might have loved it even more than I judging by the fact that she changed her cake order from a luwombo cake to the Ankara designed cake featured in my slides! *pat on the back! Well done Mimi, first job and your killing it!* Huh. <.< soon came the practicalities!

Gosh, do you know what this involves? On a $400 budget??? A lot of market scouting to get the cheapest good products, that's what! On foot obviously because I need to be frugal to fit within the budget. And now the city traders are on strike! SMDH!


  1. Do you, maybe have 56 hours in your day that we just don't know about? Do you eat other foods that we don't for all the mental and physical energy required for all this? I swear your plate is so full, you make it seem like I am on vacation.

    Really love the ankara designs. Afrocentric stuff is so cool, why don't more people embrace it?!

    oh,and as for your question about my blog design, the template is from blogger accessed from your dashboard. You can't miss it.

  2. l like, no love the ankara designs


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