Friday, May 31, 2013

Mr & Mrs Smith

So I just recently discovered the Architectural Digest site when following up on Madonna's $20m sale and lemme tell you, once there all thoughts of Madge flew out of my mind! I was as click happy as I imagine a gold digger would be in a jewellery store with a black Amex! Three days later, I'm taking a breather from that design&architecture haven to meet a few work deadlines and tend to my blog.

Let's start with the Smiths personal Malibu retreat. You guys, brace yourselves! Their home is exactly how you imagined only a gazillion times more ... EVERYTHING! For starters, nearly everything is one of a kind, the sourced for material, flew in hundreds of craftsmen (master woodworkers, plasterers, metalsmiths, stonemasons, and upholsterers...) the whole shebang! 

This 25,000 square foot home to the family of five (Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow & Trey) boosts a recording studio, a home theatre (not the gadget, the actual room for viewing movies), Jada's meditation chamber in addition to the usual ensuite bedrooms and living areas that most upscale homes have. In short, its a class apart.

Somewhere on a 150-acre property in California, the Smiths made a highly personalised two story family retreat.

The door opening into the Entrance Hall is from India. Jada is a collector. Yes, of doors. 'cause they signify a threshold ....I love love love the staircase and have every intention of borrowing aspects of the hand carved balustrade design in a future project! Is that real Ivory? (It probably is. Good thing Jada isn't a PeTA spokesperson.)
The master suite though ... where to begin wanting? Let's just feast our eyes, shall we.
Dressing Room (left) and Jada's meditation space (right)

(Anticlowise from top) The bath chamber that made me catch my breath, Shower with pebbled walls with opening out to the Private terrace. I dunno about you but I could live in just these 3 spaces and be content!
If you're wondering what view is to be had from the private terrace and other parts of the house... drink in this man made lake. Of course with a gazebo. Because, why not?
Breathtaking right? And this is not even the half of it!

Clockwise from top left: Kitchen with hand curved cabinets, breakfast nook with view of gazebo & lake, dining room for 6.

Jaden's room with a set chair from his first movie.

Somehow I would never in a million years have guessed that this is Willow's room. But then again, this is just one of her bedrooms. Maybe her teen angst is acted out in another decor?

Guest Bedroom. I have a friend in whom I have no doubt would pull a SeƱor Chang and move in permanently without informing the hosts. And who can blame them?

I honestly can't do this home justice because it makes me too emotional! (Envy is an emotion, right?) For more deets just read the article over at Architectural Digest

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