Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Talk Cannes: Day 1

The only major movie screening at Cannes I can think of right off the bat is The Great Gatsby so let's lead with Carrie Mulligan, shall we?

Being the star of the biggest film at the festival, Carrie went for a blush Dior Couture gown. The silhouette looks familiar but she still looks great!
See? Like I said in my last post, Fan has a go to look, this Louis Vuitton boasts of the mega train and fitted bodice with detailed neckline we've all come to learn always looks resplendent on her.

Frida upped the ante on this one in a custom silk chiffon halter Gucci gown! I love Frida because I enjoy how she's stuck with her man even when she became a designer darling and he's on a show who's renewal is never certain. (*side bar* Newsroom is really great and despite Dev preoccupation with proving BigFoot is real, I think that show deserves like 5 seasons at least!)

The newest bond girl (Ms MoneyPenny is a bond girl, right?), Naomie Harris stuns with in a Calvin Klein collection  silver beaded strapless gown.
I know this isn't about me but when I was in my teens and my shoulders were naturally like this I hated showing them off, 5 years later I work out so that I can show them off! Funny how life turns out! So kudos to Naomie here, if you'd been in my life back then you would have done wonders for my self esteem

Lana looked stunning as always, and I get the Gatsby inspiration but Cannes is where you bring the colour and the sparkle and the volume!

Lana, Exhibit A for my argument: The colours! The embroidery! The shoes! The hair! Nicole killed it and buried it in this Dior! 'Nuff said!

She is a juror at this year's festival and was emcee'ing with Audrey Tattou. When you can stand next to either Spielberg or Tattou and still command the frame is when you know you nailed it in all the right places!

I mean, for once even I can't pretend Nicole didn't win this but Solange in this nude coloured sheer Stedphane Rolland gown is a close second
But there's always someone that's just begging the Fashion Police for an arrest isn't there? I actually didn't mind Julianne Moore's Dior gown, she likes these type of gown that look like the stitching wasn't top notch although the fact that they are designer attests to them being the top notchest of the top notches but its what was happening further South that made me wince and wish she had stuck with the black pumps it had been shown with on the runway!

I cannot even begin to imagine how painful that must have been! To her (stylist's) defence, there are some pics of her on the RC with the shoes looking alright....

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