Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013

I love this! 'Cause everyone shuns their uber conservative gowns and goes for gold in who can bring the most whackadoodle at the ball! Behold!

Let's start with Anne, shall we? Obviously her PR clearly advised her that the haters are really hating so she needs to eclipse that oscar nipplegate fiasco with something new. Whether that something new involved borrowing a leave from the Miley Cyrus playbook of bleached platinum blonde pixie cuts and racy gowns I can only say your guess is as good as mine.
Her face does look less irritating with this edgier look. At the Oscars she was all saccharine and that gets old really fast!

Peace the F*ck out? Pass the F*ck out? Play the F*cking Objective??? What does your ring mean Anne? Urban Dictionary has too many suggestions!

The gown in all its glory! I actually really love this! I think people should start dressing for the Oscars like their going to the Met, everything would be that much more fun!

*You know what, this entire post was started before the pics came streaming in and now I just have to change tack and start a new post with all the images! And Its going to be a long one! Check back in tomorrow!*

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