Monday, May 6, 2013

Miley has finally won me over

Miley covers V

I remember the exact moment I gave up on going against the main stream and not thinking Riri was the business. It was the very first time I watched the Rude Boy video. She had me, hook line and sinker! However reluctantly I've been a fan since!
Her eyes! Her eyes! Make it look like the stars are not shining! (What? *defiant look* I'm owning my fangirling)
And this is the reason I'm giving up carbs and taking up kickboxing; so that I can wear my tiny shorts on backwards and still get the zipper up!

Now I've always liked Miley enough. During the break between my last papers in high school one of the few dvds available in the hostel was Hannah Montana and I watched it from start to end, commentary, blooper reel and all. I loved most of her songs even though her speaking voice irritated me. But I had never ever felt so strongly in awe of her til this shoot for V magazine!
Also butt dimples! Y'all are welcome to question my orientation. At least I'm not a red velvet walrus.

And this is Miley telling the Grammy organisers that they can take their underboss memos and stuff them where the sun don't shine cuz she just can't be tamed!

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