Friday, May 10, 2013

PUNK: CHAOS TO COUTURE - The Met Gala 2013

JLaw photobombs SJP while Lena Dunham and Marion Cotillard smilingly look on! Epic, right?
Alright, I hope that gif makes me forgiven for taking 2 days longer to put this up than I promised. At some point during the week, I gave with ever coming up with a comprehensive post about this year's Met Red Carpet!I had no thread to carry the post through and short of a slideshow y'all would just give up with scrolling! So I gave up! Just like most of these guys did with sticking to the Punk rock theme. So I decided to make this post about those that might have nailed it...and the one that really really didn't read the memo.
Best Dressed from left: Hailee, Miley, Nina, SJP

SJP obviously has years of insider fashion knowledge on the rest so she really brung it! Carrie has on black lace panties that she wasn't afraid to float for the paps! And the head piece and tartan thigh highs? I die! (*I like how pint-sized she looks "next" to the rest*)
Loved Hailee's age appropriate dress and how she brought the punk in the detailing; those are safety pin starburst on white leather! Mind blown? Thought so.
I have newly appointed myself chairperson of the edgy Miley fan club (membership:1) so its no surprise that I am loving this figure hugging floor length fishnet gown!
I would have loved Nina's drew even more if it wasn't an obvious blood red maybe! Like KStew's pant/jumpsuit. Black just seems so easy, you know?
The Vamp Babes: I'm adding JT's wifey because her look is so very similar to Nina's and yet I wouldn't change a thing. Not even the fake nose ring! This is stunning! KStew's hippy pants, not so much.

Bey looked exactly like someone worth gazillions of dollars and friends in high fashion would look i.e. custom made everything!

TBH Blake didn't really bring it but she deserves some props for choosing to showcase only the boobs (even if there this close to a wardrobe malfunction) and keeping the legs under wraps.

And if it were punk for the sake of punk, the original Material Girl wins hands down! Love the black bob too. It's my fervent prayer that I'll at the very least look HALF as good when I'm fifty!

And because I already confessed to being eternally biased (seriously, I'd be the worst reality competition judge), Solange made my best dressed list even though I don't really see that much punk rock in her look (?)
Robin Williams said it all: He wore it better.

I know this is like flogging a dead horse that everyone else has also flogged and that the designer defended her and I can see how it plays right into Kim's publicity blah blah blah but seriously, this was fugly on her and rightly deserved the couch comparisons. This much print would have worked on a slimmer taller person, (like Miley maybe?) but on curvy third trimester Kim? No. Just no. Just forget you ever saw this and scroll back up to the gif of JLaw photo bombing SJP!

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  1. Sarah Jessica Parker wins the internet, humanity and all of the awards OMG!! Anne Hathaway, this is how one comes back from a nipplegate scandal, YES!And Hailee, so appropriate and adorable.

    But as for Beyonce's dress, I could have sworn that was a Tina Knowles design.Givenchy, this is embarrassing.

    Kim's dress was picked out by her mom solely for the attention it would garner.We are talking about the dress, which is a win for them.

    As for Madge, she should keep on keeping on and can JLaw get any more lovable,jeez!


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